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Starting another video and this video is to show you the backstage of how it’s to participate of a disney run This isn’t our first time running at Disney We already did it a few times We ran twice last year, and on the other year I’ll leave a few links on the description box with those other vlogs I’ll also leave a link for a video answering questions about how it’s running at disney I’ll leave many informations on the description box On this video I’ll be showing you the backstage but it will be like a vlog So, today is January 8th, 2020 I’ll participate of Marathon Weekend It’s a 4 run challenge But I’ll run only 3 *I ended up running all 4 5, 10 and 21km I won’t run alone, I’m with my sister, Niina, she’ll run the 3 races and with Kelly, our personal trainer she is here She’ll run the 4 races so she’ll also run the marathon and complete the Dopey Challenge If you want to run and wanna have some idea of prices The 5km race costs $87 The 10km race costs $127 21km costs $188 and 42km costs $190 You can also buy the challenges So, there is Goofy’s race challenge, witch costs $385 you’ll run 21 and 42km And there is also the Dopey Challenge, you’ll run the 4 races! it costs $590 You can buy the races at You’ll find there all the races and informations There are 4 races through the year in Orlando At Walt Disney World Orlando It’s not 4 races, it’s 4 times throughout the year, but the Marathon is only in january The Marathon Weekend In february there is the Princess Half Marathon Weekend We ran it last year, anyways, there is also another races throughout the year Today we’ll pick our Bibs, a day before the races The races happens at thursday, friday, saturday and sunday On wednesday you can pick up your bib You must go to ESPN to pick up your bib It’s inside the Disney complex You must carry an identification document, like your passport And a paper that you must print on rundisney website, with your informations So you can pick up your bib But you can also print it at the Expo, cause they have some computers and printers We’ll do that! We arrived here at ESPN There is an event to pick up the Bibs So you must follow the signs You can get here by bus Look, the Disney hotel buses If you are staying at the Disney hotels, you can get here by bus and you can also get to the races by bus ESPN is a sports complex, so there are many different courts It’s inside the Disney complex They use this space for the Races bibs pick up and the event We got here by car, it’s free to park here At least during the races period and now we’ll follow the signs to the pick up the Bibs You find all the informations of where you must go on the signs Niina is showing the sign Look, there is a character meet&greet! We took a picture with Anna and Elsa last year But first we’ll pick up our race bib and shirts so we must go forward and there is also an expo, where they sell many sports things and here it’s a Disney sports expo and some characters to take pictures There are some backdrops to take pictures, with the medals printed on it This is the dopey challenge medal This is the goofys medal The marathon and on the other side, there is the otheres, the 5km, 10km and 21km it’s the Donald Duck so you can take pictures here There are some people already wearing the race shirts So let’s go to the marathon weekend 2020 Look, this place is huge! There are many buildings There is the bibs pick up , it’s where we are going now and that other building is where you find the Expo, we’ll go there later Do you remember that I said that you must print your Waiver form? It’s a document that you must print, fill it and sign You can bring it already signed or you can come to the computers, type your name and birth date and it will find you, so you can print it Super easy! Well, you’ll also print and sign this document it says that you agree with all the terms, that you have physical condition to run and on the bottom of the page, there is your Bib number witch is the number that you must look for when you get at the pavilion I’m at the dopey challenge pavilion, that it’s different from people who we’ll run just a single race So you must look for your number at the cabins, I’m at this one So I can pick up my bib Well, after you pick up your bib number, they take a photo of you holding your bib number paper So they can recognize you with your number It has my name and my number on it and they also give you some pins to put on your outfit and a warning saying that the marathon will start 30 minutes earlier and a gift, that I don’t know what it is and here it’s a paper that you must fill with all your emergency contacts or illness, in case you need something through the race But, help me Kelly The dopey challenge, there is only two papers One that you’ll use to run the 5km and 10km and the other one to run 21km and 42km and after picking up our bibs number, we’ll pick up our shirts So you must choose your shirt size and pick it up Look, I just opened the package It’s a regular plastic bag, they always give those and the shirts So there is the dopey challenge shirt there is the goofys challenge shirt So those are for who is participating of the challenges I like it cause it has all the parks that the race happens it has on the challenges shirts and on the marathon shirt The only race that you’ll pass through all the parks is the marathon Mickey and Minnie for the Marathon each one has a different color and character Donald Duck is the half marathon it has Epcot and Magic Kingdom cause in the half marathon we’ll pass through those parks and the 10 km is the old Mickey It has just Epcot on it and the 5km this year is Pluto it also has just Epcot on it You don’t need to wear the shirts to run, you can wear whatever you like But it’s cooler Since it’s winter, its a long sleeve shirt It’s warmer in february, so its a short sleeve shirt Every year the shirts are in different colors Sometimes the characters are different too Minnie was the 10km character last year But it isn’t Minnie this year, it’s that old Mickey last year it was on the 5km race The medals are differente every year, so somethings are different Look, there is a Dopey challenge backdrop to take pictures here It’s super cute! People like to wear the shirt to take pictures We are going to the other building now We already picked up our bibs And here it’s the Visa Center Expo It happens every year It has many different sports brands, we always come here cause there are many different things Last year we bought sunglasses, things to wear on cold weather Kelly will buy running sunglasses this year It’ super sunny guys and it’s a running sunglass, it has many running things On this wall they exhibit the medals of the year The marathon weekend medals and the other races as well So this is the marathon weekend medals witch is the one that we’ll run This is the kids medal This is the 5KM Pluto medal 10km medal Half marathon Marathon medal It’s mickey and minnie! Goofy’s challenge It spins! It’s the marathon and the half marathon And the Dopey challenge medal! It also spins Look, the princess race is in february, look at the medals! 5km Moana 10km Pocahontas Super beautiful, look! Cinderella and the challenge medal! Look how beautiful this challenge medal is! Super cute! It’s the Sleeping beauty fairies! Look! It’s called Fairy tale challenge This is the Star Wars race medals I don’t understand anything Anyways, there are other races throughout the year Running pants Cold jackets There are many cute things! Look, to heat your ears with mickey’s ears It’s super cute and warm It costs $22 Everybody picked up their bibs…. Thanks God! I confess that I’m desiring to run the marathon I’m desiring to win the medals, but not to run it But I won’t promise anything to anyone I’ll run the first 3 races that I came to run, and on sunday, maybe I’ll run But I think I’ll probably stay sleeping Look how it is to run a race… We woke up at 3am we’ll have a quick breakfast, and we’ll go out around 3:30am It also depends of how close to the park you are We are close to Epcot It’s easier if you are staying at a Disney hotel They serve breakfast earlier for those that are going to run You can also take the bus, so you don’t need to worry about the parking lot hour We’ll go by car, so we must get to the Epcots parking lot before 4:30 cause the parking lot closes at 4:30 and the start of the race is 5:30 So we have one hour till the parking lot closes and the start of the race Sometimes we stay some time inside the car and them we go to the start, cause the parking lot is away from the beggining of the race You need to walk a lot Well, we already got here at the parking lot, you just need to look for Epcot on your GPS and follow the signs as well We got here, we usually get here around 4am cause the parking lot closes at 4:30 We stay inside the car for a while You don’t need to stay inside the car waiting, you can go to the start Cause there are some characters to take pictures You can get here earlier to stay in those lines but since it’s super early, it’s super cold So we stay inside the car waiting We go outside when there is around 40 minutes for the start We came outside the car now When you get here you’ll pass through security If you are carrying some bag they will ispect inside If you aren’t you’ll pass direct and there is a walk till the start line You can use the chemical restrooms There is some Marathon weekend backdrops to take pictures If you are carrying some bag, there are some lockers there It’s free You can drop your bags there and then keep walking, we’ll pass close to the stage Look, there is an arena here, with a stage and there’s a guy talking, some people are waiting seated the runners and who isn’t going to run, you can wait here There are many chemical restrooms Really, it’s everywhere You can take pictures with charectes close to the stage But it’s already closed now They’ll be there after the race and now we’ll follow our way to the start And here, there are some people wearing costumes and people without costumes as well Everything is worthy Only people wearing Bibs numbers are allowed at this point There are those letters everywhere Witch is the different times of the race start You must find yours on your Bib… Let me show them At your bib number, it shows your letter, this is the 5km and this is the 10km so you must walk to your letter, to start there cause it depends on your speed It has many different starts The first start is at 5:30 and the others will start later We got to the place that we’ll stay waiting for our start It’s away from the stage The start is at 5:30, but, from our experience of last year We’ll start around an hour later, but it depends of where you’ll stay We are at C on 5km Maybe we’ll start earlier, maybe we won’t Anyways, it depends… Cause it’s a super crowded race and it takes some time till everybody starts running The most part of the race is on the roads, in the dark on the road, inside the parking lots We get inside the parks in some moments But most part of the race is like that Throughout the race there are some lines to take pictures with characters The first character today is Cheap and Dale The squirrels And on every race, every year, they put different characters So there are different characters thoughout the race and on the 5,10, 21 and 42km there are just a few that they’ll repeat It’s nice cause you can take pictures with different characters the only bad part is that the lines are huge! But sometimes it’s worthy, and you can also take a selfie without staying on line After 2km, we got inside the park, we are at Epcot Look, super cute Everything is illuminated, cause the sun didn’t rise yet So the countries are lightened up We are at the countries part, we’ll run just part of it We won’t run the whole park It’s cool cause inside the park, besides being super pretty Cause we were running on the road… There is music playing all the time On the road it’s just in some parts Another cool thing about the Disney structure is that throughout the race there are many restrooms, even on the roads and when you are inside the park, you can use the parks restrooms But there is also a line, everytime There are many hydrating spots through the race They are serving water We are in Paris, there is a huge line to take pictures with the Beast The Beast went away… The sun is rising, look how beautiful the park is Throughout the race there are many volunteers chearing the racers They are encouraging, cheering us This is the finish line There is space for the family, so they can watch you arriving 5km and 10km is empty, but on 21km and 42km it’s always super crowded and now we’ll cross the finish line Now we’ll win our medal We won our medal 5km Look at the medal, 2020 At the end of the race they distribute this aluminum, so you can bring it on the next day It has a disney print on it, and you can use it as a blanket before the race starts and you can throw it away when you are already warm This is great, it helped us a lot last year It was super cold last year They distribute water for everyone here I’ll get one… There is also gatorade Look, the challenge medals you pick up in a different place, but you’ll pick them up on the last day after you finish the marathon So you finish the marathon, pick up the marathon medal Like we just did and then you pass at that place and pick up your medals On that place, they’ll look for your bib number and check if you really ran the 4 races and then you get the challenge medals This line is to take food, they give it on the end of every race It’s a box with a banana I’ll show you inside the box I got the box… Look, inside the box… There is Tortilla chips This almond rice pops, this gogo squeez I like it and it also has Cheddar, so you can dip your tortillas and another fruits bar and a towelette There is a line to take pictures with the characters right next to the stage You can stay in line before or after the race Today there is Pluto, and on the other side there is Minnie and Dopey But there is a different line for every character Guys, today is our second race day, it’s the 10km race The stucture is the same but I’ll show you some different things through the race Do you remember the blanket that we got yesterday? I was warming up my legs People always wear it and them you can leave it here Another nice tip, you can come wearing an old outfit and if you feel warm through the race, you can take it off cause after the race they will colect all the clothes and take it to good will Guys, look, there is a runway at the beginning of the race and there is some characters, today it’s Anna and Elsa, it didn’t happen yesterday Another thing, throughout the race there is this miles signs, sometimes it show the km as well There is always some characters on it Sometimes people stop to take pictures mile by mile There is music and a different character everytime and sometimes it shows the km as well But usually it’s mile by mile Look, there is a Mad hatter here to take pictures It’s nice cause there is some school bands through the race It’s like a small crowd There is a medical center spot here, there are some through the race There are more at the longer races You can go there in case you need something Vaseline, band-aid It’s super cool cause in some races you pass through the Boardwalk hotel It’s where we are now and the guests cheers for us 10km medal! Today is saturday, 21km race The half marathon, Donald Duck Guys, the line to get inside the parking lot was huge… The roads were closed and the traffic was terrible! Cause this race has many more people than the others and there will be even more people tomorrow The 21 and 42km races are more crowded than the 5 and 10km So the parking lot is also super full They were using just part of the parking lot, today there were using everything There are many people at the place before the start and well… Since we are one of the lasts to start the race We take over an hour or more to start the race So there is those bathrooms, Kelly went to use it and them we’ll go to the start I don’t like that on the 21km and 42km the start is super away from where we parked the car So the 5 and 10km you already walks a lot to get to the start But the 21 and 42km it’s super away! And we’ll go there soon It’s nice that on 21 and 42km cause Mickey is on the stage We can’t see it now cause we are far away from it, but Mickey and Donald are on the stage Cause today is Donald’s race So he is the one that announces the start This was the first official start, it’s for the wheelchairs athletes And I think it’s super cool, cause on the half marathon there are more fireworks! and at the marathon…. It’s the prettiest start… They play a different song at every start and the fireworks are prettier! This is the official start Look! Donald Duck announces the race start They serve water through the race, and at some points they serve powerade After almost 8km of roads at the 21km race, it’s the same route at the 42km We are getting in at Magic Kingdom The castle park It’s the prettier part of the race And the cast members are cheering for us here and the park is already opened, so there are visitors inside the park! Look, so beautiful! This is the most emotional part, when you see the castle right in front of you! Look, it’s super beautiful to pass through the castle! We’ll go around and get in there They distribute those Jelly Belly sports beans through the 21 and 42km race It has electrolytes, carbs and vitamins, to power us up It’s time to get our medal! Half marathon! This is the 2020 21km medal During hot days, they give this wet towels At the end of the race and sometimes at the middle It depends on how hot it is So you can refresh through the race Today is marathon day Today is marathon sunday and, this year, they said that the race was going to start earlier than the others Half an hour earlier Due to the hot weather So it will start 5am They ask to arrive 3:30 at the parking lot It’s 4am and we are stuck in traffic Super worst then… On 5 and 10km there was no traffic But there were some to get to the parking lot yesterday But today is super worst! Cause it’s a super crowded race! So make sure you’ll leave home soon enough Cause you’ll be stuck in traffic Look at this traffic It’s surreal We are here around 10 minutes There are fireworks and They play a different song at every start, in every 1:30 minutes Look, Mickey! It was someone’s birthday and they asked to sing happy birthday We are arriving at Epcot We are at the ball Look how beautiful! We are finnaly getting inside the park, after 16km We are getting in Magic Kingdom We are getting in a different entrance The route today was super different Look, the castle! We got in Animal Kingdom After 27km After 27km we are in Animal Kingdom It’s the second race park Where are the girls? They are waiting for us Here! They are giving us chocolate at this point It’s at the entrance of Hollywood Studios They gave us cold chocolate, it’s delicious! We’ll pass close to the Hollywood tower now Hollywood tower Now we’ll go outside and go to Epcot 30km, we are at Epcot We are in the final 10km We are ending the race! Go to the left Kelly It’s the final line! We are crazy! We ended the race! Hey Marathon runner! I love you! I love you! It’s time to pick up our challenge medals We already took our marathon medal and now we must pass through those tents Cause they will check our bibs number at the computer to check if we really ran all the races and then win the medals I picked up the medals! Three medals couting the marathon one! Well, we ended up the races yesterday and I must confess that I didn’t have energy to end the video and give you some extra informations I showed somethings through the race yesterday, but I couldn’t show everything that happened But there was a moment that it was super super super hot during the race The sun was burning and they were distributing wet sponges so we could refresh, pass it on our faces, on our backs So we could really get wet cause it was super hot! and at the end of the race they also distributed wet towels so we could refresh a little bit This was different than the other days and there were some food spots trough the race They say it on the website You can see the route and all the food and hydrating spots of the race But yesterday there was bananas and candy and there was a chocolate spot too another cool thing, is that in the marathon, at the half marathon too, but it happens more at the marathon There are people cheering for you through the race They cheer for their families, friends and for people that they don’t know as well This is super nice and energizes the runner You can stay in many spots, there is information on the website so you can stay inside the parks, but you need to have the park ticket to get in or, there are other spots, through the race, on the road, anyways, other race routes that you can go there and watch it At the finish line as well You just need to park at Epcot and wait for the people to get there My family was there yesterday waiting for me Now let me show you the medals Look, those are the medals This is the 5km medal in 2020 Pluto was the character This is the 10km The Donal Duck medal, 21km The 42km, the marathon medal It’s nice that this year, the marathon was represented by Mickey and Minnie Look, it spins The Goofy Challenge medal We also pick it up on the last day It’s a 21+42km challenge Two days in a row So this is Goofys Challenge This is the medal, super beautiful! and it’s celebrating its 15th anniversary In 2020 Goofys challenge was celebrating 15th anniversary and it also spins here It has the 21km and the 42km written here, in miles actually and here it’s the total, that it’s the challenge and the principal one, the dopey challenge medal! It’s this beautiful medal super beautiful, it’s the biggest You also pick it up on the last day and it also spins It’s written here the miles of every race 5, 10, 21 and 42 but it’s written in miles so 3,1, 6,2, 13,1 and 26,2 and on the other side, the total of all the races 48,6 miles! In 4 days and they also gave this hat, with the marathon medal It’s finisher hat Well, here are some informations of how it’s to run at Disney Of Marathon Weekend Besides that, there are more 3 race weekends here in Orlando There are 4 race events through the year With different kms, but the marathon happens only in january There is a Disney Paris race as well, there other races I’ll leave the RunDisney link at the description box It’s the official website of Disney races and I’ll also leave a link of another video that I filmed, giving informations about how it’s to run here With informations of how it’s to participate, what you need to know before running a Disney race and I answered more questions there, I tell the prices and other things I hope you liked this video I hope I gave you many information and that’s it! See you on the next video Kisses, bye!


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