Hi, I’m Jonathan Bird and welcome to my world! Sharks are perhaps the most misunderstood animals in the ocean. In spite of the fact that people are only very rarely attacked by sharks, they suffer with a bad reputation. While the world’s largest shark, the whale shark, is known to Continue Reading

Night of the Deadly Creatures

– Wooo, look at that. – [Mark] Whoah man, that is a long snake. – [Coyote] Now this is a nocturnal and an arboreal species, which means that they’re out in the trees at night hunting for their prey. Now they (vinyl record scratching) Oh man. – Oh jeez. (tropical Continue Reading

Carmen – Habanera (Bizet; Anna Caterina Antonacci, The Royal Opera)

Love is a rebellious bird that nobody can tame and it’s useless to call it if it doesn’t feel like answering you! Nothing is any use, threats or prayers one speaks sweet words, another is silent and it is the other I prefer he says nothing, but I like him Continue Reading

¡Pase de Oro! La ópera y el rock de Cristina | Audiciones 5 | Got Talent España 2016

Hello, goodnight. Goodnight. What’s your name? My name is Cristina Ramos. You are the wife of… Javier? Íñigo. Exactly, Íñigo. Why did you come to Spain’s Got Talent? I came basically because Iñigo tricked me to come. What a reputation they are building you… Let’s go then. Let’s go! [Cristina Continue Reading

LANCELOT NEW SKIN ROYAL MATADOR Skinnya Keren Banget!! ~ Mobile Legends

Lancelot New Skin Royal Matador di Mobile Legends Bang Bang! (Happy Watching) Jangan Lupa Subscribe!

A locking of horns in Barcelona

Spain’s Canary Islands provides role model for long banned bullfighting. With the nation’s Canary Islands having voted to prohibit the horrendous practice of bullfighting nearly two decades ago, the Spain’s northeastern Catalonia region is considering a similar ban. Most recently, the anti-bullfighting campaign “Enough!” collected 180,000 signatures calling for an Continue Reading

Percy Kill The Machine Bull Scene | Percy Jackson The Sea Monster (2013)

At first, I didn’t believe it either.But the gods of Olympus are real.And sometimes, these gods have children with humans…called half-bloods.I’m one of them.I’m Percy Jackson. Son of Poseidon, God of the sea.Seven years ago, four of these childrenwere headed to Camp Half-Blood…the only place on Earth that is safe Continue Reading