Carro de corrida. Brasil animação.Máquina. Desenhos infantil PORTUGUES. Carro Animação infantil.

Carro de corrida. Brasil animação.Máquina.  Desenhos infantil PORTUGUES. Carro Animação infantil.

Hello friends! I’m coming home to decorate my
Christmas tree! The Christmas and New Year are coming! I need to decorate my home in time, I am
looking for the best place to put the tree and the decor! If Santa sees that he will not only
pass! I’m sure it will leave many
gifts under our tree! Oooh! Who’s on the road waving? You may need help … I will stop him … My God!!! Look who it is! We are very lucky! It’s Santa! Oohh yeess! And his reindeer and sleigh. Why will it stop? And why this large tree here? Let’s ask him! Oooh my friends! Noel really had problems here! Good thing I was passing and saw! Noel found the largest and most beautiful tree
the forest of Christmas! He wanted to take her to the city center
with his sleigh! This baby can be the perfect decoration
to the center of town !! nsosa Maaas, the sleigh Santa is too small
to bring the tree so big … What do we do? I think it’s time to call a truck
with platform! We use one of these to take TRUCK
Green Peugeot for the garage! Do you remember? The truck has a platform that can transfer
great things! Oh no! But we can not put the tree on the platform
Without help! It is extremely heavy! So we need a crane, this
truck can lift heavy things. Look! Ooh yess! The crane will help us! Entãão! Look! The crane lowers, picks up the tree and places
On Deck! Very very slowly and carefully! Not to break the branches of it! OK, good job! The tree is on the platform! Now, we can go to the center without problems! The truck is going slowly and carefully! Now, the Christmas tree is where it should
be! We need the new crane to place
her on the platform, he takes it well carefully and put in the right place, in the city center! Good job! Now the tree can be decorated !! Wow! Our tree is very beautiful! See, shiny balls and lights
decoration. OLHEEEM! How many gifts have here! Under the tree! Ooh yes !! Christmas is coming to our city! OK! We help Noel! We appreciate the truck and the winch! We not could make it without them! And now we will have a beautiful Christmas and year
new in the city center! Now it’s time to go home and decorate
my tree! Excelent parties wish to you guys friends! Merry Christmas and a great new year! Bye Bye

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