Camel So Skinny His Humps Collapsed Gets Strong Enough To Run Free | The Dodo First Taste Of Freedom

Camel So Skinny His Humps Collapsed Gets Strong Enough To Run Free | The Dodo First Taste Of Freedom

We got a call that there was a starving camel, so starved… He was in a small pen. You could see every one of his ribs. Bubba looked like he had just
given up on life. I got a text with a picture of a camel. I came the next day and there was Bubba. I noticed Bubba’s eyes at first, just desperation to be somewhere where
he’d be taken care of. I’m down here probably by 3:00
in the morning. Our organization rescues horses. We can help Bubba grow strong.
But then… And he’ll just live his life
out peacefully. – No one’s gonna hurt you. – But right now… But his teeth are so bad
it hurts to eat. So we have to get him a dental. – I’ve never sedated a camel before. – We’re going to need so many people to help get Bubba to his final home. – Yeah, I know.
He’s over it today. He still didn’t have a very good appetite. Julie had apples and carrots and grapes and he just didn’t want
any part of it. I think he had been used
for pony parties, people poking at him. He was just done with that life. So I’d go in there every day,
work around him. He’d never take his eyes off me. He recognized me after that. Almost like he’d be happy to see me. I started to notice Bubba’s personality. Like, he shakes his head side to side, and his lips are just loose
and they just flap. When he goes down to rest, he will roll his head around in the sand, kind of
giving himself a bath. And then he’ll yawn, like
five times in a row, and his mouth opens
wider than my head. And then he’ll roll over and pass gas. He became so trusting, he even
started making friends. He was getting comfortable. After probably a dozen different treats,
I found it. It was actually a horse treat. It’s really hard to describe
how gentle Bubba is. He takes those treats like a kitten. He just turned the corner and started eating everything that we put in front of him. The back flap started storing enough
fat in it. It was actually beginning to
lift off his body. It’s almost like he doubled in size. Bubba’s never felt freedom before. I can’t wait to transport him to a sanctuary. It’s a big heavy hump we
got going here. We had to figure out Bubba’s weight, so we took him to a gas station. That was a bit unusual. He weighed 1400 pounds. Bubba is finally strong enough to be transported to a sanctuary. We called Black Beauty Ranch. It’s a perfect place for Bubba. He’ll have 14 acres in Texas to just roam free. We need Dr. Franklin to give
him a clean bill of health, to go to Black Beauty Ranch. – That’s why I wore a raincoat. – Bubs. Don’t be silly. – Compared to what he looked like when
I first laid eyes on him? – Those humps were flipping and flapping. He looked like a 90-year-old woman. – I think he’s good to go. – He’s gonna be in heaven. He’ll be in quarantine for a month, and then he’ll get to experience
freedom in a pasture. When they leave, it’s bittersweet, but I’ll know he’s going to a good place. No work, no zoos. He’ll just be living a life. – When I first saw the photos of Bubba, it kind of gives you that
drive to say, “We’re gonna give him the life that he deserves.” – The transport arrived to Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch
after dark. – Want to lead him out, or… He’s like a big puppy. – We’ll let him call the shots. We don’t want to make him nervous. I was a little intimidated, because
I’ve never stood next to a camel. But when you’re standing right
next to him, you’re like, “Hi, Bubba. How’s it going?” Black Beauty Ranch is a
non-profit sanctuary. We have over 800 animals rescued from roadside zoos,
entertainment industry. Bubba, he’s gonna have freedom. Camels like Bubba can live
up to 40 years. People kind of see something on TV, they think, “Oh, that’s cool.”
– He’s looking good today. What they don’t see is the
care that goes into it. – Hot! Our end goal is just to
allow them to be just what they’re meant to be. You know,
Bubba being a camel. Taking his halter off, you can see how
happy he was without it. How relaxed he was. I think the halter will forever
be off of him. – You’re doing so good. Very soon, you’re gonna go
to your forever home. Today has been something that we’ve
been waiting for since Bubba arrived. We’ll have our vet check him out. Hopefully give the all clear, and we’ll drive him to his forever home, and the pasture. – Relieved. It’s finally happening. Some of his favorite stuff. You in a good mood today, buddy? Do you want to come over? Do you need some food first?
Is that what this is about? Okay. Okay now. You’ve got to come out here
if you want some more. That doesn’t work. That doesn’t work. He looks good. Yep. I think he’s
ready to go out to his new home. You can get out of this place. Good boy, babe. We’re gonna go home. We’ll be loading him up on the trailer into his forever home. We can prepare for everything,
and think we’ve got it. “Okay, we’ve got this.” But animals
will show you, “No you don’t.” Through frothing at the mouth, he’ll show
that, “Hey, I’m nervous.” He saw this big trailer. “Something’s happening. I’m not sure.” [whimper] Hey. Come on. Bubba. [whimper] He made a few little nervous calls. [whimper] Come on, Bubs. Once he saw, okay, “She’s okay in there. I’m gonna
be okay in there.” The pasture where Bubba’s going,
he’s gonna be a happy camel. – He got frothy.
– I know. It’s like, thank you. We did good.
– You did good. – You did good. He’s gonna have choices. He can come and go as he pleases. He can sit in the sun and relax. Eat as much grass as he wants to. He can interact with the other animals. He just has all these choices
that he never had before. He’s gonna have freedom. This is fun. Okay, are we ready? Come, Bubba. Go check it out. ♫ – And he leaves us.
– Aw, bye, Bubba! I love watching his little tail wag. And they’re watching. This makes it all worthwhile. He’s like, “I love you guys.
But grass is better.” Welcome home, Bubba.

100 thoughts on “Camel So Skinny His Humps Collapsed Gets Strong Enough To Run Free | The Dodo First Taste Of Freedom

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  2. Wow looks like he lost a lot of weight while in that 30 day quarantine. When he left to go there he has gained a lot of weight and you couldn't see his ribs

  3. The biggest sign to me that he was happy at his forever home was that even though he just got out of a very scary environment (which was riding in the trailer) he almost immediately started eating again. That means he feels very safe and happy. 😁✌🏽

  4. 1:13 I can't tell you how many times I've re-watched this part it makes me so happy watching him flop his little lips around😂😂

  5. I will never understand why people think it's ok to mistreat any animal these are beautiful souls thanks for giving this baby a second chance to be happy xx

  6. I don't even get how people abuse these wonderful animals. We are humans we are also animals. Animals are almost the same a humans. Treat animals how you would want to be treated. I'm so thankful of these people who care about these animals. They might not be the cutest animals but all animals should be treated equally. Thank you for people that help animals. ( sorry if you don't understand )

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    How can humans be so cruel to animals that despite all their hardships can still show love to humans. The humans they know protect them.

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  17. i dont know if people actually understand the severity in witch the camels condition was camel are drought tolerant animals they can go weeks with no water an months with out food with there humps acting like reserves for them. so if them humps were gone like that he must have been in dier straights poor camel its sad that certain people can even own them

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