Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Official Battle Pass Trailer | PS4

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Official Battle Pass Trailer | PS4

Introducing the Season One Battle Pass. Play the game… level up… …earn rewards. It’s that simple. Battle Pass is coming in hot with
a hundred tiers of content for you to earn and equip. 23 of those tiers are free to all players which includes two brand new weapons. As you rise up the ranks you’ll unlock the RAM 7 Assault Rifle
and Holger-26 LMG. Plus COD points and a ton of gear for you to personalize your Operator with. All for just playing the game. You can upgrade your Battle Pass for 1000 COD points and get access to all 100 tiers of content. You’ll immediately unlock Mara, a badass all-new Operator for you to roll into battle with. You’ll also get access to legendary weapon blueprints Operator skins, COD points,
exclusive challenges, and a whole lot more. Boot-up, login, and play any mode, anytime,
anywhere, and you’ll earn rewards. Modern Warfare Season One Battle Pass,
available now Get the bundle now.

100 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Official Battle Pass Trailer | PS4

  1. Free CoD points just by playing the game?

    Now where have I see that before

    it's not like you can earn 1500 V-bucks in the Battlepass from Fortnite!

  2. Literally Sledgehammer Games: free DLC contents and maps, plus COD points for hard grinding or battle pass included!

    Whining Ungrateful people: WhY iS tHeRe MiCrOtRaNsAcTiOnS!!!

    Me: dafuq is wrong with you kids, have you ever heard of EA?😑😑😑😧

  3. I'm not defending the Battle Pass, I won't be buying it, enjoy the free maps and Weapons. If you want the Pass, it's 9.99 for 1,100 COD points, 1,000 points for the Pass and 100 points left over, if you really want the skins that bad it's 9.99.

  4. Lol I love how people act surprised when they said before the game released that the game wouldn't have loot boxes but instead they would use battle pass.

  5. Soooo no more loot boxes but now we have stupid battle passes in every game. Just another way to get you addicted and not actually make the game fun.

  6. Yeah I'm not a fan of the purple operator skins. This is gonna turn out like Advanced Warfare and Black Ops III isn't it?

  7. Also its available till new better games come out so 😂😂😂😂 have fun imma be playin Cyberpunk 2077 so adios campers

  8. There's SO many "free" words,did u mentioned?Activision,let me tell you a secret,that must have been in EVERY CoD,free maps,at least..

  9. I don't even have this game so I don't know why I watched this trailer, probably because I usually do have the new CoD by now, so now clicking on a video for something being added to it is just muscle memory.

  10. I've been playing almost 3 hours straight and I've just reached level 2 of the battle pass

    Am I doing something wrong or is the game retarded?

  11. At least the weapons are free for everyone as long as they put in the time. My only hope is it ain't like bo4 where it was ridiculously long to level up

  12. Honestly this is better than supply drops in every way, it gives you incentive to play and if it's anything like fortnite if you play enough you can buy the next one with the cod points you earned. Don't get greedy with this though Activision

  13. This is retarded! I paid 80$ for this game, I don’t think a battle pass should be in it. They are for FREE GAMES not triple A tittles! I mean look at what happened to BO4 it literally turned it into an 80$ fortnite!!

  14. Aren't you guys excited to get a Battle Pass that will mean nothing next year when player base drops because of the new COD? I sure as am

  15. Im the one whos gonna camp realy hard in that legendary tower, with explosif shotgun and with the pkm, and you are the guy thats trying to kill my

  16. Hace mucho que no juego al call of duty, pero puede que en un futuro próximo me anime otra vez… suerte a los que siguen activo…

  17. I thought the pass to play a video game was buying the game? Now you have to buy games and then pay once more over to have access. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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