Burger King® | Rodeo® King™ Review 🤠🐎 | Peep THIS Out! 🍔👑

Burger King® | Rodeo® King™ Review 🤠🐎 | Peep THIS Out! 🍔👑

hey guys it’s Ian K for peep this out back
again with another one for ya this time returning a BK to take a look at their
latest in their line of premium king burgers and as you can tell by this
newest version I think you better dust off your cowboy boots before heading out
to give this one a shot that’s right guys the rodeo king is the newest king
here at BK and this one sure looks to bring a little western flair to the
meaty cheesy goodness that these king burgers do very well to begin with so
let’s see if this one can carry that flavor torch of the king burgers from
the past guys but like always before I take that first bite to give you my
thoughts like I always do let’s get right up on it first for that closer
look let’s peep this out well it’s not my first rodeo here at BK but it’s
absolutely my first rodeo king have a look at the latest in the premium line
of king sandwiches here at BK guys let’s pop the top on the sesame seed bun see
what we’ve got inside plenty of barbecue sauce we’ve got 6 crispy onion rings
here to cover the whole top of it we’ve got generous portions of bacon I should
say as well guys there was bacon just falling all over this here right now
looks about 2 to 3 slices of American cheese following that and of
course we’ve got the new recipe whopper patties two 1/4 lb. patties here
lots of cheesy goodness separating in here guys flame-grilled goodness from BK
that we all know in plenty plenty of meat to go with it and of course the
very bottom of the bun to finish it off but guys a very very cool western themed
version of the king line of burgers here at BK with plenty of onion rings plenty
of barbecue sauce and lots of goodness here let’s give this one a shot it is
the rodeo king here at BK let’s peep out this flavor man this is a really large
bacon cheeseburger with plenty of beefy aroma to go with it how great does this
look to you right now well I think it looks pretty great
actually it’s the rodeo king here at BK well guys that was a very dense first
bite filled with plenty of flame grilled beefiness that BK is known for guys
they’re using the brand new whopper patties over here at BK which has a
little bit of saltiness to it they’re the shape of the patty is just a little
bit off-circle compared to what you may be used to but the flavor is still there
it’s definitely poppin’ the crispness of those onion rings instantly guys I mean
there’s 6 onion rings on this that was my first bite I got a nice chunk of
those as well the light sweetness for the barbecue sauce and
plenty of bacon and cheesy goodness to go with it guys it’s just very hearty
very dense and that’s pretty much the signature but I think these King
sandwiches are over here at BK very very thick very hearty very satisfying pretty
solid so far got to be honest I’m only like two or so bites in and I’m already
feeling just a little full guys it is a very packed burger on the inside here as
you can tell they’ve got a lot going on and all the beefy goodness is the
showcase on this one on top of the onion rings really the classic flavors of BK
that you already know just done very well with a lot of it this is definitely
a big burger and it should easily satisfy you now if you’re thinking
you’ve heard the rodeo name here at BK before you would definitely be right
guys this is really just a bigger version of that regular rodeo burger
that they have every so often but it’s just done on a much bigger scale with a
lot more stuff to go with it here guys naturally if you’re using the whopper
bun you’re gonna get something that’s gonna cover completely on the inside and
fortunately the new homestyle recipe for those whopper patties of the beef fit it
very well and you’ve got all the goodness that I think that regular rodeo
burger had just on steroids guys I mean look at the size of this thing compared
to my hand right now this thing is freakin huge and I’m cool with that
because who doesn’t love a large tasty bacon cheeseburger one more shot of this
appetite destroyer from the inside guys it really does carry that flavor torch
with pride and it really is a nice addition to the king line of burgers if
not a major upgrade from the regular rodeo burger from before it sure is
pretty tasty with some crispy bacon and a lightly sweetened barbecue sauce but
what do you guys think do you think this rodeo king is worthy of the king name –
you drop some comments down below and definitely let me know and as for my
overall rating I’m gonna have to give the rodeo king here at BK a very well
earned 9 out of 10 it’s the classic BK flavors that you already know with a
slight upgrade to the flavor in the meat department thanks to the new recipe for
those Whopper patties but guys it’s super dense it’s got a lot of cheese a lot of
bacon a lot of onion rings and just overall just a lot of everything on top
of a pretty nice barbecue sauce as well and like you heard me say earlier I
think this one can definitely destroy your appetite so give this one a shot I
think you’ll really enjoy it and those are my thoughts on this one as I close
out another episode of peep this out guys I’m like I always say I’ve got
brand new content every single week here on my channel so while you stay tuned
for that next review coming real soon in the meantime stay frosty
hey guys real quick I wanted to send a huge shout out and thank you over to Bob
and his amazing team at my local BK here in Pasadena California on Fair Oaks
Avenue Bob thank you so much for the amazing customer service as always as
well as the opportunity to take a look at another tasty addition to the King
lineup of burgers here at BK alright guys until next time I’ll talk to you

73 thoughts on “Burger King® | Rodeo® King™ Review 🤠🐎 | Peep THIS Out! 🍔👑

  1. Let's peep this out 🔥If you checkout my music and leave a comment I'll subscribe to you and love you forever ❤️

  2. The rodeo burger from Burger King reminds me of the western bacon cheese burger from carl jr witch is my favorite burger from Carl's Jr. Ever since I was little

  3. I'll be trying this. I have missed the original Rodeo cheeseburger they discontinued a few years back. Looks pretty much the same, but bigger.

  4. Ian is the new Whopper Recipe Patties only available in US Markets or is it available worldwide also is the Rodeo King Available In Canada?

  5. This actually did make me think of the Rodeo Burger. I was thinking it looked so familiar to what BK already had with the Rodeo Burger, but this being bigger like you said.

  6. Definitely an s&s (split and share) but rodeo burger fan from way back here 🙂 – Oh, and that horsey in your graphics is very Westworld lol

  7. They already did this as a value menu item. Nothing new here. Same thing as their bbq bacon king with just their onion rings slapped on. Not impressed.

  8. Nice review, Ian. I think you should get some Ray-Bans to wear for your daytime car reviews. You'd rock them. Maybe wear them in the intro. Just a suggestion.

  9. Not gonna lie that burger looks really good! However I've never had onion rings on my burger! I might give this one a shot one day!

  10. This is a burger with some Cowboy and the Wild Wild West flair cause of the BBQ sauce onion rings and the double cheeseburger flavor that we love from BK I would like to try this out.

  11. You're review of this sandwich was SPOT ON! I can tell you put a lot of effort into your videos as do I (so I can tell), I just posted my review of this sandwich over on my channel so if anyone reading this comment is interested in watching my take on this sandwich, have at it!! Thanks again Ian.

  12. Everytime I watch your videos, I unzip. So go ahead and "peep this out" until my hot sauce splashes against your chin, wooo wooo wooo woo WOOO!

  13. I thought you were a bad speller, so I went to DQ, they didn't know about it. Apparently, you were correct about BK (I found out it is Burger King). But, I ate at the DQ while I was there, I'll have to try the BK thing later.

  14. Looks good Ian! Hope you're doing well!
    Also, MY GOD, when you pulled the patties apart in the closeup, that cheeeeeeeeeeessseeeee!!!!

  15. I watched the girl make my Rodeo King and she laid down the bottom bun and laid two slices of cheese on the bun then a patty then two more slices of cheese then another patty, salt, and then heated it up. Then bacon, onion rings, and BBQ sauce. I eat inside while the burger is "hot off the grill" first thing I noticed is it was heavier than the other burgers, and it didn't squish down when I squeezed it. It's a massive burger and fun to eat, and will quench your appetite. I like the Whopper but the Rodeo King is just something you have to try. Congratulations, Burger King for making a decent hamburger.

  16. I work at Burger King and I love this sandwich actually it has 4 slices of American cheese. At least its supposed to. 2 slices in between the 2 whopper patties and 2 more slices on top of the whopper Patty

  17. I love the old rodeo burger! But this Big King Rodeo Burger is a Fat and Salt Bomb that you really should not eat if you have any Blood Pressure isues.

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