Bull Selection and Auction at Burns Farms in Pikeville, TN with The Southern Cowman

Bull Selection and Auction at Burns Farms in Pikeville, TN with The Southern Cowman

hey everybody sam here from green acre
homestead i am not on the homestead today i’m actually out in Pikeville
Tennessee it burns farms at a giant bull and cattle sale
no I’m not a cow man by trade but I still love to have fun with animals I’m
out here with my brother he also has a YouTube channel small he’s getting
started check him out link below he’s hoping to get himself a registered
pulled Hedford bull let’s see we can’t help him out so what we’re doing well really my
brother’s doing this he’s looking through he’s got his list and everything
of cattle he wants to look at and check temperament get up-close personal looks
at before we go in and start bidding he’s in the zone right now he’s in the
cattle zone when he gets a moment I’m pulling aside and see if he can help me
and you learn more about buying cattle at an auction all right guys I’m joined
here by my brother the southern cow man on YouTube go check them out links are
all below like you know how we go this is my first time here at the cattle
auction probably your first time too for watching our channel cuz we are sheep
people he’s cattle men give us give us a brief
run through what’s going on what you doing out here in the fields and stuff
like that now guys I’m just looking at these Bulls they’ve got a lot of bulls
for sale they’re gonna run these Bulls through fast I think they’re selling 80
Bulls today they’re gonna sell like a hundred and seventy commercial cows and
bred heifers so there’s gonna be a lot going on you know we’re just gonna be
here on scene just kind of take you with it but but what I’m doing right now is
I’m evaluating the Bulls and I’ve got on my list from doing my homework and I’m
looking at them see how they move which I brought here you know pretty much done
that because they had some good videos posted on these Bulls that were real
recent videos you can check a lot of how they move and stuff on the videos cuz
burns farms they do a good job about getting some good videos but right now
I’m just putting my eyes on the Bulls as we’ve got picked out and after you do
your homework you want to do so we’ve got free weather for the sale a
lot of people here a lot of people pouring in they’ve got to barbecue fired
up they’d like to feed you before they get your money it’s a real good day it’s
a good thing it’s a good it’s a good thing to bring your family too if you’ve
never been to an auction a purebred auction this is this is a good way to to
spend your afternoon and it’s a gorgeous day but right now I’m just evaluating
the Bulls that I’ve got on my list because you’ve really got to be prepared
because it’s gonna go fast I mean it’s hopping in the cell ring and
they don’t go into order so you’ve got to have your ducks in row you know which
Bulls you’ve got picked out and hopefully you can buy one it sounds good
appreciate stay tuned for more you say big I won’t check a temperamental on this
boy I locked him in the video but he seemed like he’s moving awful fast he
kept his head real high it usually means he might not be very very calm laid-back
and that’s his 36 bull he’s got a gash on the side of him and he’s breathing a
little bit faster than some of the other bulls that’s just a couple little signs
you might look for that that bullet might be a little bit more worked up
he’s got that little gash on his side he might have been a little bit harder to
handle in a shoot but out here with his buddies he seems pretty calm and trust
me these are a lot calmer than most cattle you’ll see but as far as
confirmation he’s a beast he looked good I’ll get 42 alright guys we take a leave all the
Bulls it’s time to go on in here hopefully find ourselves a seat my
brother’s money sounds good here 16 I like this book has a higher c-45 I’ll tell you what guys that’s a whole
lot of fun spend my brother’s money at catalogs now
he walked out a winner he’s a major award winner major what’d
you get I bought lot 48 lot 48 was the one that
I wanted I had ten Bulls picked out a lot 48 wasn’t my top pick and man I tell
you what when you get in these bull sales Sam can tell you and you’ll see
some of the footage I’m sure it’s fast pacing you can’t you can’t determine
what’s gonna happen I mean you may pick out ten Bulls and you can’t afford none
of them that’s right so I had made in my mind I was gonna hold out for that lot
48 cuz I still had I still had about 20 Bulls after him
and if I couldn’t get him then I don’t know you grasp the straws
you know but today it worked out but yeah it’s a little stressful I get a
little jittery a little hopped up a little touchy-feely oh yeah yeah but uh
tingly feeling yeah but hey tell us what happened with that first in that lot won
what went down with that because you mentioned it to me and it blew my mind I
did not know what was happening what won what happened on that was you
got to really listen when your knees registered auctions what one sold for
half interest half interest means you own 50% of that bull and this farm
retains the other 50% of that bull so they paid 30 sports at 37,000 it’s 32
something thousand dollars yeah and the only ball half that bull
I have to use them things for you know bulls like that they collect semen on
them and they say that that straw semen 30 40 $50 for straw so those Bulls you
know they’re gonna they’re gonna come out and you know produce a lot of money
but yeah that was half interest true ain’t much of my game but his money guys
I hope you liked this video if you do give me a thumbs up hit subscribe if you
like this kind of content thank you for joining us here at burns farms out here
in Pikeville Tennessee for their November bull and cattle sale I didn’t
buy no bullet nothing but since my brother did I got myself a free hat I
opted for the beanie because winter is coming and I need to keep my head cool
alright guys we’re gonna hit the road appreciate you watching as always see
you we got ourselves a problem big problem we’re gonna put this bowl I
can’t find the gooseneck hitch on it I can’t do it guys they got it won’t hook
we probably fit it inside nope you got a big boy well you did
I’m gonna get delivery on that bull I’ll spend enough money they’re gonna bring
them to me maybe they’ll bring me some Oreo cookies
too there you go free-living see you guys never hit that subscribe button
smash that like button smash all the buttons you can find set for that um
prescribe and don’t forget check my brother’s channel in the southern count
on YouTube bye you

19 thoughts on “Bull Selection and Auction at Burns Farms in Pikeville, TN with The Southern Cowman

  1. Looks like your having good'ol time! Let your wife know I already recvd my order of her Yummy smelling home made Green Acre goats milk soap, can't wait to try them. Thanks alot!!!

  2. Wow… couldn't believe that one bull went for $32,500… then you're brother explained that was only 1/2 interest in the bull !!!! WOW!

  3. That was so funny looked like all them cattle were posing 014 saying pick me pick me and the one that left saying ah never mind don't buy me. Very interesting watching the cattle auction. Hope your brother got the one he wanted. Have a safe trip home.🐸

  4. Cool, I used to breed Registered Shorthorn Cattle and worked as Sale crew and in consulting. Sales are so exciting👍👍👍🐮🐮🐮🐮
    This was great fresh content. Will you go to a Ram Auction if you build your flock?

  5. Wow. Some expensive cows sold. Lol Didnt know there was another Pikeville. Lol Got a Pikeville few miles down the road here in NC.

  6. I don't know a thing about cattle, but I got the impression those cattle were raised and handled humanely. Nice to see nowadays.

  7. Holy Moly, $32,500!! 😧 I'm glad your brother explained why!
    This video was very interesting and 1earned something new!😊

  8. Down south we call that a Boggin. A nickname for a toboggan. People in Kansas call it a beanie. That's whiteface Hereford like we had on the farm. I remember the upset when the bull was gut shot. That was a sad day. Lots of grief. Possibly a trespassing hunter. I remember because my Poppa was a mixture of crying and anger at that moment. That was about 60 years ago. That gentle giant was registered. May God bless you all. 🙋🏼🙏✝️💕

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