Brad Corrupts: Sonic 3 and Knuckles Volume 3 (Cheats enabled)

Brad Corrupts: Sonic 3 and Knuckles Volume 3 (Cheats enabled)

Man, about time that I got around to Volume 3. Been years since the last volume. So yeah, you read that right, 40 corruptions, so 1 in 4 corruptions were deemed worthy. Looks like the exception handler improvements along with having level select really paid off here. Oh and most of these corruptions has music corruptions of some sort, as that apparently is easy to corrupt as well. But for the 1st corruption, we’re going to start off with some special stage goodness, which was sorely lacking in the first 2 volumes. You know I love me a good graphical explosion… Interestingly, these corruptions tend to freeze the music a lot, which I find odd and I was under the impression that the Z80 handled everything. reading into it, it might be the hblank handler getting corrupted that might be doing it, I dunno. Welcome to a realm where even the balls are tripping balls… Pretty hard to play when you can’t see what the hell you’re doing. Damn, Knuckles, get some control over your speed there. LUDICROUS SPEEEEEEE—- As you can see here, here’s me having a bit of trouble with remembering what debug button does what. Holy shit, it’s a literally black Knuckles! Well, sorta. I kinda like the look, especially the random flashes of color. Not even hyper form can save Knuckles from a game freeze. “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH–” *splats off screen* It wouldn’t be a Brad Corrupts video without an insta-death scene shoved in there somewhere. ….wait, what. Hey look, it’s “GAME” So I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to load fucking Carnival Night music when selecting a character. Or Hydrocity Zone Act 2 for that matter… Sonic has mastered speed to the point where he can just fucking telekinetically move himself around the course. Who needs legs? Not Sonic, apparently. Okay Tails’ turn. Show me what you’ve got. Well uhm… that’s something. Tails just decides to just disregard gravity altogether… Skipping ahead as I play with Tail’s wacky spin physics here… …which manages to get Tails lodged into a wall. Nice. Which builds enough energy to send Tails flying. “HEEEEEEEELP I CAN’T SLOW DOOOOWWWWN! SOOOONIIIIIIiiiiiiii—” I love how you can see glimpses of Tails at warp 3.7 in the bottom screen, lol “Okay phew looks like I’m slowing down a bi—AAAH SHIT I’M SPEEDING UP AGAIN!” The one thing that could stop him was hitting a pile of rocks at 52,536,106,700 miles per hour, turning him into a fine red mist. RIP. Fun music corruption we got going on here already. I LOVE Missingno Zone! Heh, it’s pretty in its own way, like the cycling colors. It’s so screwy it’s halved the frame rate, and objects are mostly broken too. Once again I keep forgetting which buttons do what, but here it’s mainly muscle memory as the button I tend to use for jumping is assigned to B. I love the broken animation there. Another interesting note, apparently you can’t lose rings, either. You’re soft locked here unless you enter debug. “Hey Tails, you lazy fuck, we have to go defeat Robotnik!” So I don’t think this is supposed to happen like this… It just keeps going and going… Okay I’m mainly turning hyper here for the music. Hyper Sonic theme, but every other beat is missing. I like how some of the sound effects in this corruption are bugged as well. Take the spring for example… If no other sound is played, the effect will linger on and start spazzing out… …until it completely freezes the game. Finally, got to have some special stage goodness. Yeah, I can totally play the stage half cocked, that’s cool. Oh come on now, stop messing with me… Now that was bullshit… Shit, I’m playing the instrument now, fuck, sorry I’m late. Sadly, the vast majority of zones freeze shortly after they’re loaded, much like you see here. Had to let this linger a bit for the music, lol. I may put up some Patreon bonus soundtracks, but I think I’ll ask for requests for this one as there are several in this video. I don’t think that’s how spin dashing works, Sonic… Oh and NOW you figured out how to run… Hurry, or else the invisible wall is going to crush you! I guess you can say that the wall CRASHED into you! Okay, I’ll see myself out. Okay I included this because the VDP glitches look almost in sync with the music. Looks like I corrupted the sphere tile pointers here. Weird effect… And of course, it’s lying about where the spheres REALLY are. So these look blue an– damn it…. Seems pretty normal so far… Let’s see if the special stage is any different… Well this is an absolute mess. I think think the entire screen is using the background scroll here. And since I can’t see a damn thing, I lose. Oh, and it completely disabled the foreground layer, cute. A bit hard to navigate when you can’t see where the ground is. Wait, that’s not supposed to happen now. Huh, what could possibly go wrong? Time to glide into the void, I guess… And I hit something, yay… Too bad it amounted to nothing… The only thing slower than Tails is this fade in… Moving left is broken it seems… …’cept for jumping. “GAAAARRRLBBRRRAARRGHBBL, wait, Tails, do that again.” GAAAARRRLBBRRRAARRGHBBL “I CAN SEE MY OWN ASS, HELP” “MA! TURN THE TV BACK TO CHANNEL 3!” “Oh you’re going down Mecha Sonic!” “Erm, uhm wait, you’re not going to come down and fight?!” “Just going to suspend yourself up there in a perpetual spin dash? That’s not fair…” “Maybe if I just jum– FUCKING OW, no that won’t work.” “….guess I’ll die.” So this is my favorite sound corruption out of all of them. I also seemed to corrupt a graphics pointer or two as well, or perhaps the decompression routine itself. My favorite sound effect has to be the rings, just amazing. well, so much for getting the items down there then I guess. “Help, I’m stuck like this!” “Gah, gliding only made me ten times worse” “I can see my own ass!” I included this mainly just for the sick color scheme. It just looks dystopian in a way… The ring is silver! Shout out to The Cutting Room Floor! Now we’re coming back to the zone with a greenish theme. Smacking into that badnik crashed it, unfortunately. Bwahaha no collision detection for Hyper Sonic! Nothing can stop him now! Okay, this one as admittedly boring from a gameplay perspective, but listen to that music! Skipping ahead here, you won’t believe how easy the boss is now! Sadly, it freezes here, booooo… “Fuck acceleration, it’s all or nothing, baby” -Tails, probably As you can see though, it’s very difficult to actually control. This is why proper acceleration physics in games is so important. Spin dashing is completely broken too… Oh no Tails, just take your time with your slow ass constant velocity… Oh god what is happening! Holy shit the bonus world is collapsing in on itself all around me! Well that was a trip, and quite possibly one of my favorite parts of this video. Remember when I said spin dash was broken? Yeah, that’s about as far as our little furry fox friend is going to be able to go. …unfortunately it has more fatal consequences in Hydrocity Zone Act 2. For some reason, Tails’ velocity constant is set unusually high this time around…. Which makes for this rather amusing scene of Tails abuse… ….guess I’ll die. IT’S A NEW WORLD RECORD! 0’00″03! Time to submit this result to! Odd that it shows tails in the wrong screen. It’s raining rocks! Hallelujah it’s raining rocks! I love how the Sonic engine has literally no terminal velocity, so falling objects just fall faster and faster until the value rolls over. Man, that PCM is fucked. “Look at me, I’ve got a hand for a nose!” Oh that’s just not hard to read AT ALL! GET BLUE! Gotta go fast! Hit that sphere so hard I got warped out twice! I’d love to see someone legitimately beat a special stage at that speed. I would be impressed. Okay, so I can select from the options Grandprix, Grandprix, Grandprix, or Grandprix. As well as wonderful character options such as Sonic, Sonic, or Sonic. Knuckles after a Kage Bunshin no Jutsu gone horribly wrong… A part of me kept it this long just for the music mostly. Wait, is that Sonic in the lap counter? “Knuckles, Robotnik turned me into a number and I’m stuck here, help!” …back to Sonic again. Did I just drown into the special stage? This is what you see when you die… This is another clip that I probably should have cut, eh… I guess I’ll see if Hyper Sonic does anything cool… Oh, it just decides to just up and kill me. Okay, that’s cool too. These are all basically graphical/level corruptions at this point. I thought they looked nice. These were a lot longer, so I decided to cut them down to around 30 or so second each. And that about does it for this video. Special thanks to Tom.K for being my first Patron! He isn’t properly credited here as he joined shortly after the video was rendered.

13 thoughts on “Brad Corrupts: Sonic 3 and Knuckles Volume 3 (Cheats enabled)

  1. 1: "don't touch my balls!"
    2: "Who's the Fastest Thing Alive now, huh!?" "…at what cost?"
    3: Hyper MissingNo. Madness!
    4: Sonic's feeling bouncy today~
    5: well. that's Hard Mode.
    7: that sound corruption… really made this one. XD
    8: Old DOS platformer mode, activate! …Tails is secretly a god.
    9: S̶oͫͨ̓̓n̯̹͉̐ͮ͑́i͉̣̖͈͓͈c̬̟̬̱̳̾̊̾ͯ̔͝ ͂̋̈t͂̏ͣͥ҉̣̩̣̙ḧ͉̘̜́͌͛e̹̔ ͏̪̮̲H̔ͤͪͪ͂e̪̮͈d̘̩̹͔̘͈g̱̝̖̖̾̔͛̅ė̑̌͑h͔̹̜̣̼o̪̚͠g̼̠͘ ̀3͉̩̪ͣͮ͌͘ and Knuckles. those Knuckles animation glitches are excellent.
    10: now, that's just a mess.

    loved it, as always. ^_^

  2. 0:42 Cursed blue spheres. 💀🔵
    2:09 Dark Hyper Knuckles? ⚫✨🌈✨
    3:44 Sonic is moving by doing absolutely nothing.
    4:16 🎵~ Rolling around at the… Uhh, nevermind.
    7:32 Wait. There's 2 Death Egg robots? 🤖🤖
    14:12 Entering a dark sewer crashes Sonic the Hedgehog.
    20:00 That was a cursed spiker. 👿☠️
    24:50 It's raining rocks!😠
    28:41 A drowning.. warp?

  3. Nice, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is an awesome game. Especially the updated version with Knucklehead. Yeah i call Knuckles that. Lol

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