Bodybuilder’s Supersized Fake Muscles Could Kill Him

Bodybuilder’s Supersized Fake Muscles Could Kill Him

COMM: Professional muscle man Valdir Segato has biceps measuring a staggering 23 inches,
and a colossal chest span of 47 inches. COMM: But the Brazilian bodybuilder has had to go to
extreme lengths to achieve these impressive guns. COMM: The oil Valdir uses is a mix of fatty acids, pain killers and alcohol. When injected,
it gives the impression of muscle growth. However, if used incorrectly it can cause
infections and has even been known to be fatal. COMM: Valdir has been interested in bodybuilding since childhood. COMM: Now Valdir turns heads everywhere he goes. COMM: But not all of the attention he gets is positive. COMM: His friends have expressed concern about the effects these injections may have on his health. COMM: Now Valdir is hoping to further inflate his bulging physique despite having bad experiences
with muscle enhancing substances in the past. COMM: Despite all this, Valdir refuses to slow down in his quest and hopes that his massive muscles will one day bring him fame and fortune.

100 thoughts on “Bodybuilder’s Supersized Fake Muscles Could Kill Him

  1. Bodybuilder? Maybe a clay sculptor. So many of these down there. Goes to shows someone's image of themselves is dramatically different than others (reality) and that goes in either direction. As with any addiction, it's a shame and sad. The dudes they wana look like are on some serious roids. Better off just doing that since your health risk is the same both ways. At least the roids gives you real results.

  2. It's so sad that he took this drugs after his parents died and he had to take them for a way to not getting picked on by others

  3. É triste, pois procurou o caminho mais fácil e curto. Mas faz tanto mal futuramente , mas pode amenizar se quiser. Deus abençoe a vida dele. Estão vendados seus olhos.

  4. These guys confuse admiration for morbid curiosity. It’s so unnatural and strange looking that’s why people take pictures with/of them

  5. this is the furthest thing from bodybuilding ive ever seen… even on gear you have to put in extreme amounts of hard work… everybody wants to look good but nobody wants to do the work

  6. Calling a poor guy with mental illness a bodybuilder is absolutely insane. The Kardashian and every woman with breast or butt implant should also be called bodybuilders lol

  7. Do these people understand how ridiculous they look? If they get into a fight, their 'muscles' will pop like a balloon and ooze out like a blister, nasty!

  8. Mas tu é bm retardado mesmo não tem noção do ridículo cadeira com deus músculos que músculos mas azeite que não sei oque kkkkk

  9. Poor guy, seems like he needs to seek out grief counseling losing his immediate family so young and in close succession like that. He's not ugly. He would be a nice looking older man if he just kept his original skinny body. That's just how his genetics work and he should've accepted it.

  10. I find it funny how apparently people on the street call him “Schwarzenegger” when one of the things that were important it him were symmetry and having everything even and perfect. And this dude is the complete opposite of symmetry

  11. Finding short cut for something to achieve is a foolish will have to achieve something only if u work hard.instead of injecting these poisoness steroids, he would have to g for proper gym work out

  12. There's nothing "Built" about that body. It's essentially the same as taking a Toyota Corolla and putting a hood scoop on it with a fart can exhaust. It's not fast, it's not cool. You've taken a crappy frame and made it worse… With horrible useless modifications.

  13. O brasileiro me da vergonha,o cara esta horrível, e ainda continua aplicando! Esse não tem medo de perder os braços, está na cara que vai dar merda

  14. o nome disso e plano "B"
    quando se e um bosta… sem força de vontade pra reinar de verdade…. acontece isto!
    o cara acha q ta bonito… pqp mano
    oq custa malhar de verdade… dar o seu sangue pra conquistar teu sonho! ao invés de optar por isto…

  15. On se kyllä jännä että he noita käyttää vaikkei tuolla hyvännäköistä kroppaa kyllä saa. Hyvin epäsuhtaisen kylläkin.

  16. I seriously hate these people in the comment section. This man has lived a tough life in his younger years, let him do what he wants! Here’s my advice to you people: get back to your own life and mind your own business rather than insulting this man.

  17. Everyone in that gym he goes to, the low amount of weight he is using and the clear freakish nature of his appearance must think he is a joke.

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