Baby Born With Heart Outside Her Chest

Baby Born With Heart Outside Her Chest

BRYAN VIETZ: The heart was not in the right place. Is there anything that they can even
do to fix it? BRYAN VIETZ: We got married six years ago on a beach in North Carolina. Yeah, when we
found out that we were pregnant, we were very excited. CAITLIN: Yeah. COMM: At a routine 20-week ultrasound, Caitlin and Bryan Vietz were given some shocking news. BRYAN VIETZ: We went for the post-meeting with the doctor. CAITLIN: He showed us the silhouette of the lungs and where the heart would normally sit
between the lobes of the left lung and then he pointed, like, three inches to the left
and showed us where her heart had grown and that’s when I said it out loud, “Her heart
is outside of her chest.” JOSEPH DEARANI: She had probably one of the, if not the most rare congenital heart defect,
and that is a defect called ectopia cordis. BRYAN VIETZ: We read online and half don’t even make it to birth. So, there was very
slim chance of her making it. JOSEPH DEARANI: The only chance you have of treating this successfully is having an integrated
approach where you can gather experts. COMM: Specialists at the Mayo clinic used fetal MRI pictures to create a 3D model of
Kieran before she was born in what was a medical first. CAITLIN: They printed these out layer-by-layer over 30 hours. And so you can see the heart
is entirely outside of her body and her liver was also outside. COMM: Kieran was born in an emergency C-section with a team of 60 doctors gathered to stabilise
her. Due to the acute nature of her condition, there was a high chance that she might not
survive the operation at all. CAITLIN: I had agreed not to hold her so that she can go straight into surgery. I got a
glimpse of her as they walked by and it took every part of me not to call out and say,
“Hold on, wait, I changed my mind.” That was really hard. COMM: In just 5 hours, surgeons had placed Kieran’s heart back inside her chest and
one week later Caitlin was finally able to hold her baby for the first time. CAITLIN: It takes a team of at least four people to lift your baby into your arms because
they have to move the breathing tube and they have to make sure that we don’t lose wires
and pick lines and tubes and drains and such and so, I think I held her for maybe 20
minutes before she got irritated and had to go back to her bassinet. BRYAN VIETZ: Are you excited? Are you ready? COMM: It ended up being five months before she could finally make the journey back home. COMM: Now 18 months old, doctors are delighted with Kieran’s progress. But she will need
much more surgery in the future. BRYAN VIETZ: With her heart being outside, her lungs kind of filled the space that normally
would have been taken up by the heart. So, when they put the heart back in, the lungs
just didn’t have enough room to fully expand. So, they put the trach in. COMM: The trach is an artificial opening into Kieran’s throat, which helps her to breathe.
CAITLIN: So if we don’t deflate the cuff before we put the Passy Muir valve on, then
she can’t breathe. BRYAN VIETZ: Just take off the Velcro from one side. BRYAN VIETZ: Bring the loose end around. CAITLIN: It will come out, we are guessing in the next three to six months and it is
all dependent on her, how she handles the next few steps, it’s unchartered territory. COMM: Despite allowing her to get more oxygen, the trach has meant Kieran has been primarily
fed through a tube since birth and has only just started learning to talk. As a result
she is now seeing an expert, to help her catch up with other children her age. NICOLE SEBASTIAN: We were initially working with her feeding. She is just starting to
eat, so we are trying to her to play with the food, to taste the food. “Good job!
What do you think of that feel?” We also are working on communication. Being a little
girl, her throat is very small, so we don’t have a lot of air volume that can go through
there. But she did an awesome job today with a “yeah” and really nice volume. NICOLE SEBASTIAN: She hasn’t heard her voice or played with her voice except for the last
couple of months. COMM: Caitlin and Bryan are raising money online and with local fundraisers to pay for
Kieran’s medical bills and are hopeful for her future. BRYAN VIETZ: Yeah, she should have a pretty
normal life, be a normal kid, live a regular life. CAITLIN: Scrape her knees, get dirty, ride a bike, play games, join choir, run for student
council, you know, get a driver’s license. BRYAN VIETZ: Become a cardiac surgeon. CAITLIN: Kisses. Yeah. Kisses. BRYAN VIETZ: We want to raise awareness about children born with a congenital heart disease,
and one of the nice things too about this whole ordeal is that we know that we are helping the
medical field and families in the future.

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    It was so sad when she was choking😢😭😭😭😭

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  10. this is so sad i cried on this and i was watching this with my little sister that shes now nine but we cried i really hop that shes ok in 2019 i was so sad that day and i forgot to comment so here im😫

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  13. My son hadCoarctation of the Aorta and they told me he would be dead at birth but he survived birth and they took him to Vanderbelt worry at open-heart surgery and he was in the hospital until he was four months old and he’s seven months now and he’s going back for a second surgery on his heart

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