9 thoughts on “Approach Challenge – 50 Girls in 90 Minutes

  1. When you’re doing this exercise if the girl hooks do you end the interaction because it’s an exercise, or do you still try to number close?

  2. It seems no matter how many of these I do, it always feels like getting punched in the solar plexus, or kicked in the face when the girl avoids or looks at me like I’m a rapist. I’ve probably done a thousand of these desensitisation approaches yet It’s still traumatizing and I don’t know what to do about it. My style is good by the way, and I’m in shape

  3. Seems like saying "excuse me, hi" would be enough, sorry isn't needed.
    This many numbers of approach does help a lot in getting rid of approach anxiety though.

  4. The Youtube ad for this video is quite interesting. A guy says that you put a testimony of him on your website in which you claim he sdl'd a girl. Which he says isn't true and he repeatedly asked you to remove the testimony.

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