Animal Rights Advocates Protest Pig Scramble In Woodside

Animal Rights Advocates Protest Pig Scramble In Woodside

PIGS.. AND PROTESTS. IT COULD BE THE LAST YEAR.. FOR THIS BAY AREA FOURTH OF JULY TRADITION.. IF ANIMAL ACTIVISTS GET THEIR WAY. THE PIG SCRAMBLE IS ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR EVENTS AT THE JUNIOR RODEO IN WOODSIDE. BUT ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS SAY HUNDREDS OF KIDS.. CHASING AFTER SQUEALING PIGLETS IS NOTHING SHORT OF CRUEL. KPIX 5’S MARK KELLY IS IN WOODSIDE. MARK LOOKLIVE STANDUP ANIMAL RIGHTS PROTESTERS TELL ME THAT PIGS AT THIS RODEO ARE BEING MISTREATED AND THE KIDS HERE ARE BEING TAUGHT MIXED MESSAGES ABOUT ANIMALS. A WARNING AGAIN — SOME COULD FIND THIS VIDEO DISTURBING. PAK NAT (pig squel) IT’S CALLED THE PIG SCRAMBLE. KIDS–UNDER THE AGE OF 10– RACE TO BE THE FIRST ONE TO SNATCH UP A PIG BY ITS HIND LEGS. PARENTS SAY IT’S A HARMLESS GAME. BUT THESE PROTESTORS CALL IT SOMETHING ELSE… BITE Belle Stafford, member, Concerned Neighborhood Citizens–“very distasteful.” ((BUTTED)) “we don’t think it’s right what they are doing to the pigs.” BITE Terri Ducay, member, Concerned Neighborhood Citizens–“I would like them to stop the pig scramble. I think there are other forms of entertainment for children.” BUT PARENT TERRY HICKS SAYS HIS FAMILY LOVES THIS EVENT THAT THE MOUNTED PATROL OF SAN MATEO HAS BEEN PUTTING ON FOR DECADES. HIS NINE-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER EVEN WON FIRST PLACE IN THE PIG SCRAMBLE ONE TIME. BITE Terry Hicks, daughter did pig scramble–“if it’s well supervised and well managed and pigs don’t truly get hurt, I don’t think it’s cruelty.” MK–“not even if they are squealing.” TH–“pigs squeal. never met a pig that doesn’t squeal.” BITE MK–“how much do you love animals? Selena Hicks, entered pig scramble–“i love them a lot. they are really fun to be with.” BUT PROTESTERS SAY THE EVENT IS ALSO SENDING A SCRAMBLED UP MESSAGE TO KIDS ABOUT HOW TO TREAT ANIMALS. BITE Belle Stafford, member, Concerned Neighborhood Citizens–” it’s teaching them that it’s okay to use animals for entertainment, to treat them like toys. And these are live, very intelligent beings.” RODEO ORGANIZERS SAY THEY HAVE LISTENED TO WHAT THE PROTESTERS HAVE TO SAY. BUT THEY DON’T BELIEVE THE PIG SCRAMBLE HURTS THE KIDS OR THE PIGS. BITE Emma Rosmando, princess of Woodside Junior Rodeo–“I think children can differentiate between that. And they can be like, you don’t do this to your family dog, but it’s okay to do this once a year to a pig you’ve never met.” BITE Captain Terry Welcome, Mounted Patrol of San Mateo–“i competed in many pig scrambles and it did not teach me to be cruel to animals.” MARK LOOK LIVE STANDUP TAG HERE’S SOMETHING WE DON’T SEE ALL THAT OFTEN. THE PROTESTORS AND RODEO ORGANIZERS PLAN TO HAVE A MGHT FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS… GOT A LITTLE TENSE AT PIER 39 IN SAN FRANCISCO THIS AFTERNOON.

16 thoughts on “Animal Rights Advocates Protest Pig Scramble In Woodside

  1. This reminds me of the lady who took pictures of her kids hanging their dog from its back feet as a "game" and posted them online, then just couldn't understand why people got so upset over it. In her eyes her children were having fun, so what's the harm? It never dawned on her that the dog might be completely terrified, humiliated and in pain.

  2. Wow…these people really get off hurting animals…what absolute filth. It is NOT OK to use animals for entertainment.

  3. "kids know it's not ok to do this to their dog at home, but it's ok to do it to pigs once a year" LMAO. So is ok because it's not a dog, or because it's only once a year? "But your honor, I only beat my dog once a year so it's ok right?"

  4. Why don't the animal rights people mind their own fuckin business. They're fucking pigs. Let kids be kids, you fucking party poopers.

  5. Her: animals there very intelligent
    Me: looks at a dodo bird you intelligent
    Dodo bird: goes extinct because it was to friendly and curious
    Me: obviously not

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