Americans Abroad Rush To Get Home Ahead Of Coronavirus Travel Ban | TODAY

Americans Abroad Rush To Get Home Ahead Of Coronavirus Travel Ban | TODAY

100 thoughts on “Americans Abroad Rush To Get Home Ahead Of Coronavirus Travel Ban | TODAY

  1. see this is why you need a president thatt knows how to communicate propper and clearly.. no innuendos, no gimicks, no slang, no sarcasim, just accurate info

  2. God people the internet exists…just look it up…the rule doesnt apply to USA citizens. In fact, just wait until the bans starts, the tickets will be MUCH cheaper and the planes will be empty. Now your filling planes like sardines good luck not getting corona this way. The flights will continue because in europe if you dont keep the flight you lose your spot for the future so airlines are flying practically empty planes to keep spots (of course there will be cargo in the planes)

  3. Trump made the right move.

    All the democrats and the media have been doing is wrongly complaining that Trump isnt doing enough and taking it seriously.
    Now he does this and they all complain hahahaha

  4. So Dam sick of the media trying to say something that President Trump did not say . I wasn't going to vote Republican but now I have changed my mind.

  5. yet Dr John Campbell who is the well-known doctor in the UK put out today that the prime minister announced to his citizens today that the actual number of cases that are positive in the UK are 10 to 20% higher then what is being reported.

  6. covid-19
    ok city bombing
    cold war
    It's the end, just a really long never ending end.

  7. they should stay put for the greater good of the american people. stop being selfish. they could bring the virus back with them

  8. I understand that people want to get home but if they do have it then their city or state might have a large epidemic on their hands

  9. Watch out the black one might want to know your bank account f**** a**** what do you think we're born to f*** yesterday

  10. At this point this is like a building that's about to collapse and these people are a truck that's about to hit the building. Keep em out.

  11. It's weird that they say travel bans aren't effective at stopping coronavirus, when travel is exactly what has made coronavirus into a global pandemic.

  12. Everyone saying they get what they deserve for still traveling because of "deals" shouldn't just assume. Chances are these are trips they already had planned before this outbreak. So yeah its gonna be easy for people in the comments to say don't go because you aren't the one having to potentially lose out on a ton of money already spent. We can't live in fear people. Also I don't understand people saying to not come home?? Bish the virus is already here!

  13. Oh this is great 😂 it's like when your supervisor tells you one thing and then the director says something else. Beautiful Bulljive on a world scale.

  14. Ah, nothing like the media's FAVORITE words: Scrambling…Outrage…(insert anti-trump rhetoric here) negatives…just goes on and on

  15. So they want us to stay home, they cancelled all events, they cancelled schools. Trump puts a ban on traveling OMG evil monster, how would this help us?!

  16. Why do these people traveled if they already knew that there's an outbreak from different countries in the world?

  17. These kind a people bring virus to US now they stacked there and complain how reckless are they putting country fellows, their families, friends at risk?

  18. another end of the world bug. How many have we had the last two decades? west nile and sars and bird flu and swine flu and ebola and Zika and we are still here

    democrats stoking the fear to murder the economy to get trump out of office and all the rich play along because they will get FREE MONEY

  19. 2:15 is what TODAY could have lead with, providing up front clarifications and helpful, factual news. Instead , along with the rest of the controlled media, TODAY leads with drama and hype, deliberately spreading anxiety and fear. The first 60% of the clip is nothing but "confusion, nightmare, fear, confusion, abandoned, etc." The controlled media has been criminally seditious and harmful for far too long. Responsible, calm reporting is what is needed now.

  20. "People who need their student loans paid off have to come home early from their 3 months vacation around the world."

  21. Almost every single one of these comments "It's their fault shouldn't have traveled", that's beside the point. Traveling shouldn't be impeded, people are going to contract the virus regardless, there should be no reason why we're imposing bans… causing panic in society, markets to crash due to people not wanting to head out. Regardless of how deadly this virus is it's nothing to be truly concerned about. Humanity will just be fine, and people will have panicked for nothing.

    Instead, people should just keep living their normal lives and practice safe hygiene. And the pharmaceutical companies continue to work to provide a reliable vaccine, which of course won't come into fruition till later this year.

    But panic is unnecessary, and the media outlets just make it worse. Humans and our herd mentality smh

  22. What’s the Worry all about? Why are these people concerned? Didn’t Trump say it’s Under control? It’s going away? Trump is doing his job! Keeping America Great! The virus is a joke! Listen to Trump don’t worry. You’ll catch it and it will go away. You’ll be fine. Just like Trump is fine.



  24. Excellent, let all of the people that were abroad come back. That definitely couldn’t have some downsides

  25. Leave them in whatever country they are in. They shouldn't have traveled in the first place and should already be home.

  26. Everyone trying to travel should be quarantined at least 40 days. Alcatraz and Ellis Island should be geared up to receive people.

  27. OMG liberal media is trash beyond trash at this point.

    So the slashed trump for now acting quick enough, now travel ban and CDC says no it's doesn't work but it's what was told to us would work and now the slashing trump cause he's stressing out Americans trying to get home.


  28. We knew about this over a month ago. Why are these people traveling? Cmon use common sense but I guess these peoples smart phone didn’t worn them…what do they expect Trump to do? People who complain usually don’t have a better solution.

  29. Stupid irresponsible people. Not that I fear the Corona but these fools should be left for dead. At this point though, who really cares

  30. He says appears to contradict what the VP said… lol make sure you use the weasel word "appears" when you're editing the response of the president because you're the deceptive liberal media only concerned with smearing the president in a serious situation. Just watch the full clip of that press conference he's not contradicting anything. Smh

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