All-Around Relay – Olympians vs Influencers | The Global Games

All-Around Relay – Olympians vs Influencers | The Global Games

Previously on Global Games,
the competitors hit the waves and tried to hit the bull’s-eye in the aquatic biathlon
challenge. The team that had
the surest shot was influencer Derek
and Olympian Asafa, who took the gold. It’s influencer Hendo that
remains the overall medal count winner but silver and bronze
are completely up for grabs. It all comes down
to this moment. Who will win our last challenge
and be the ultimate winner of Global Games? Let’s find out. Welcome to Global Games,
where real Olympians battle it out with social influencers
in games that we invented. These challenges will test their strength, skill, and
stamina on a level never seen before. The participants will
be competing in pairs, but ultimately fighting to win
the most individual medals. The competitor with
the highest medal count at the end of the
eight challenges will take home the gold
and the bragging rights as the ultimate athlete. Who will win – an Olympian
or a social influencer? This is Global
Games, All-Around Relay. – I’m Spice.
– And I’m Mike. And together we are
Mike and Spice. Today we’re doing the
All-Around Relay. Each team of two
will run through an Olympic-inspired obstacle
course, relay style, with team-mates alternating
between stages. And these stages
ain’t easy, folks. They have to Tarzan-style
over some nasty liquid using hanging rings,
walk a balance beam, walk over even nastier
liquid, conquer uneven bars, and then clear a pommel
horse across the finish line. Sheesh! I’m tired just talking
about all of that. Let’s hope our athletes
don’t get that tired. Up first, we got Lolo and Luis. He’s got the quick feet,
she’s got the speed. Let’s see if they crush it. (3, 2, 1, GO!) Luis on the rings, looking like
an Olympian himself. She might go, you know, she
might get one, but that’s it. Great balance.
Great core strength. Look at Luis go. Tag! Tag! Tag! No tag, no tag. I don’t know about that. Can she do two more? Yeah, it’s fine. And with that, Lolo and Luis
set the tone for the challenge with a 44.62 time. You wasted no time on it. You had the momentum.
You didn’t break. Damn! My man can run in
the sand. Yeah. Like, I’m speed
but not on sand. So I’m glad we switched it up
and had him do long jump. I thought he was going to
beat me to the other side. Up next, we’ve got
Alexia and Linlin set to take on the course. Let’s see how they do. Linlin has a shot at third
overall with a gold here today, while Alexia has yet
to see gold at these games. There you go! Keep that up! They get a five-second
penalty. Let’s go, Alexia! Alexia crushes the pull-ups. And Linlin sticks the landing. Linlin clocks in with
a time of 61.97. I was so surprised
I did the first one. I saw that I was going
to drop the pole. So I was so surprised.
We did good. Everyone else was able to jump,
and right when they jumped they’re at, like, chest level. So they can just flip over. When I jump, it goes to,
like, my neck level. Not a bad run,
although Linlin did get penalised for landing
in that nasty blue liquid. And now we have
Hendo and Asafa. I think these two
make a good team, as we saw against the maniac. Probably the team to beat
today. (3, 2, 1, GO!) Hendo looking to take first
place overall with a gold here, putting Asafa into a tie
for second. Oh, my goodness! You see the slap? With a time of 41.87, Asafa and
Hendo are now the time to beat. You got this. They looked hard on the rings. Looked hard in the… That beam, as well, is wobbly. You think it’s stable.
It’s not stable. We did well. I think we got this in the bag. – In the bag.
– In the bag. In the bag. And now our final competitors – Mikaël and Derek. Will the trickshotter
make it past the rings? That’s a five-second penalty,
already. How about that? Oh. Trying to make up for it
right here. Good job, guys! Oh! And the win slips through
Mikaël and Derek’s hands. That five-second penalty
cost them the gold. Good job, guys! That was good.
That was really good. I think the five-second penalty
cost us. Yeah. The rings are so tough. We tried to push as hard
as we could. – It’s an epic course.
– This close to the victory. You have to get to the rings. And then just let it slip
through your fingers, straight into the pool. You’ve got to have respect for
that. I was very respectful. What a nail biter of a finish,
man! Hendo and Asafa get the gold,
Lolo and Luis get the silver, and Derek and Mikaël have
to settle for the bronze. So our overall
medal champion is… ..Hendo, with five gold
and two silvers. Hey! BIG up the Hendo! Now we say goodbye
to this wonderful mix of social influencers
and Olympians. They came, they saw,
they did their thing! From all of us here in Greece, adios. 3-2-1! The competitions
were great, you know. I had a lot of fun. I’m thinking about getting a
fly board for myself. I think my favourite
one was the fly board. I had so much fun
flying in the air. The curling – that’s
the only one I said, I’m going to win this. Actually I had more fun
shooting the paintball, because it was the easiest one
and everybody kind of, like, had fun and let their
guard down on that one. These guys are – they’re
now my new friends. I love you guys! I love you guys! I love you guys!
I love you guys! (GLOBAL GAMES)

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