Very good to all team, I’m Mario Sabou
of living4football, and in today’s video we will see the keys to reduce your anxiety and excess
of nerves before a game. Before starting the video I remind you that
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In very frequent that any athlete feel stress, nervousness or anxiety before
of a match. Nerves, anxiety are normal emotions
and how any other emotion exist for a reason and are necessary for the human being. Why do we need these emotions that
They all seem so negative? Let’s try to know them a little more to
understand it: Feeling nervous, anxious or anxious is not
Nothing comfortable or pleasant. Normally, being emotions that are
experienced how unpleasant we feel desire of not having them and that they disappear.
(oh god, there is the girl I like, every time I see her I feel that she will explode
My heart, I better stay quiet here without ever telling him anything)
Try to block or “control” all coast these emotions is the first step to
feel them even more intensely and that we cause more problems All emotions exist in the human being
for one reason: they are necessary for survival of the species. Like any other emotion, anxiety
It has a function: they prepare the organism to face threatening situations
or dangerous. At first, be nervous or anxious
It shouldn’t be bad, the problem is when these emotions appear more frequently
and more intensity than necessary. As we said, they prepare us to face
to threatening situations, therefore always that we face a threat
real for health, for survival, They will help us to be alert and prepared. Our agency starts up all
resources needed for the “fight-flight” response But what to do when the anxiety has
become a problem that prevents me from showing my best performance in this case in football? When we interpret something threatening
which at the beginning is not, they put in March these mechanisms of anxiety and nervousness. You will agree with me that a competition,
be it a match, a race … it’s a situation Neutral, neither good nor bad. Our survival does not depend on it! But although our life does not depend on a
football match, many other valuable things if they are at risk: self-confidence,
ownership, a future contract, trust of the coach, the respect of my teammates,
the pride of mine … These factors that affect us and generate us
anxiety are sometimes very clear to identify, and once identified is when we should
Work our mind to overcome this anxiety. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand why
it happens to me since the reasons are not obvious for moving in a more or less unconscious plane. It is here that psychology can contribute
A valuable help. We will try to give a small keys
that can help lower levels of anxiety and nervousness before a match: First think for a moment is it
really the competition such a situation threatening how do you think? Only we are responsible for interpreting it
As something threatening. If we interpret the game this way,
our body will act as if it had in front of a real danger, and will prepare for
fight or flee, starting the mechanism of anxiety Excess nerves decrease your self-confidence
and prevents you from concentrating to perform at your best When we interpret a normal situation
how can a sports competition be, as threatening, our nerves increase,
decreases confidence in our own capabilities and our concentration can
be harmed This will prevent us from showing our true
court performance. Listen to your emotions and learn to understand
to which they are due without trying to block them or control them:
Think that we all have emotions and that there are for some reason. They may live like something unpleasant
at certain times but always its intensity just happening if we let them be without trying
block them or control them Find a way to see that game as a
challenge to overcome: Change the interpretation of a match as
threatening to interpret it as a challenge, a Challenge will be much more positive. Look at it this way: The challenges are motivating! consider a sports competition like
a challenge will increase your sense of confidence in yourself and will keep your focus
focused on what you must do to overcome it. Think only of what depends on you: Sometimes we spend a lot of time giving
you fly to things that are beyond our control, what makes us lose confidence and that we
We feel even more nervous. It is important to realize when we are
worried about things that don’t really depend of our performance and at that time redirect
our attention to things that we can really Drive and depend on us. An example of this may be when the coach
leave us on the bench or not directly summons us, that is, there are occasions during
the season or in your career surely you have trained like crazy, you felt perfectly
and you are full, and still the coach He doesn’t trust you, he doesn’t put you or himself
because he has another player that he likes more than you that is, you can train as
crazy and be perfect and you say ok I’m like a donkey and I can’t do more. Think about that, it doesn’t just depend on performance
in the field, but from the decision of your coach which by circumstances prefers another player
before you In short: learn to listen and understand
your emotions Take the competition as a CHALLENGE, like
an opportunity to get something important! If you make a good game you will have overcome it. If you have not left
things well no worry, soon you will have
a new challenge, a new occasion to demonstrate what you’re worth


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  2. Algo que me suele funcionar es al momento de hacer el grito en equipo, lo hago lo más fuerte posible. Es motivante y antisestre5

  3. Otro consejo q en lo personal me ha ayudado es pensar que todos son niños pequeños y faciles de ganar y q tu eres el mejor 👍👍

  4. Sí claro, me interesa temas relacionados con la psicología dentro del deporte o en este caso, del fútbol. Muchas gracias.

  5. A partir de ciertas situaciones familiares, estoy jugando con nervios y miedo, o eso me dicen cada partido, mañana tengo partido por la mañana ys sguire todos los consejos, gracias ❤️

  6. Podrían hacer un vídeo tratando los problemas de visión de cancha? Es decir, en mi caso, juego re bien de día, pero cuando llega la noche, aunq este muy iluminado, en la cancha no logro localizarme bien ni a mí mismo ni a mis compañeros, o adversarios. No sé, será miopía o algo así. Tienen algún consejo q darme para tratar ese tema?

  7. Yo no se si sera normal 😂 pero a mi ya no me gusta el footbal.. Osea practicarlo pero verlo es lo mejor 😂 desde los 17 años ya no me gusto no me llamaba la intención y ya no era lo mismo y ahora tengo 18 y ya ni lo juego jsjsdj

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