A 12-Year-Old Bull Rider Judges Kelly’s Husband’s Skills | The Kelly Clarkson Show

A 12-Year-Old Bull Rider Judges Kelly’s Husband’s Skills | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– How long have you been riding and how in the world did you
think that was a good idea? – (laughing) Well my dads a bull rider so – Okay – [Bull rider] I was always
behind the shoots with him – [Kelly] Apple tree. – [Bull Rider] Yes and then
I started riding when I was I started riding bulls
when I was eight or nine. And then I started on sheep,
then caves, and then steers I started actually riding
sheep when I was three or four. – What would the sheep,
they don’t buck, right? – Some of them do. – [Kelly] They do? – Some of them jump. – Whoa. – I ran into a wall with one before. – So how did your parents react when you said you wanted to do bull riding and more importantly, wait,
how did all the boys act? Like how did they react when
they see you coming around going like, wait what? – The boys? – Yes! – The boys are, “why
is there a girl here?” – And then do you show them? – Yes ma’am! – Yes! Exactly! Have you tried teaching
any of your friends? Like your girl friends to
do it or are they terrified? – They’re terrified. They’re chickens. They don’t like it. – I don’t I let’s just I’m not a chicken. I’ll try things but my husband
was actually a bull rider and if anybody ever
asked me to get on a bull at any age of my life
I would have laughed. Because I was like that
sounds like a horrible idea. But my husband though, he was a bull rider and we have some photos from
his past riding rodeo days. – [Bull Rider] I road a bull
lookin’ like that before. – [Kelly] Yeah? – [Bull Rider] Yeah – [Kelly] Well wait do you have any tips? – [Man] Look at right there
at the dude at the bottom. He’s having more fun. – [Kelly] That’s my I know. Look at him. He’s like they’re coming after me! Do you have any tips? Is he good or his he good? – [Bull Rider] Well I mean – [Kelly] No? – [Bull Rider] I mean – You just said, “well I mean”
I’m wishing my man was here this is amazing. – His arm was a little far back and his feet were all the way tucked in. – Oh my gosh I love you! You’re so intense! I love that. – [Bull Rider] Well thank you! – Ok well would you let your
daughter try bull riding if when you have kids one
day? If you want kids. – Of course! – Yeah? – Yes! – Okay Would you let any
of your kids bull ride? – Absolutely – Oh I was like ya’ll got real quiet! – Like a mechanical bull yeah. – Well then they’re in a bar
marking poor decisions, Cal. – What you don’t take your
nine year old to a bar with the mechanical bull? – It is the south but we do have bars. Like certain, well that’s
funny a different kind of bar. Okay, no.

26 thoughts on “A 12-Year-Old Bull Rider Judges Kelly’s Husband’s Skills | The Kelly Clarkson Show

  1. I love her but with she would not have everyone on the couch. Some of them look very uncomfortable
    Just do individual interviews.

  2. I love Kelly and her show, but unfortunately I couldn't stand any minute of this video. Rodeos are torture and it's a shame that this show is providing a platform for such a cruel activity.

  3. Everyone has an opinion …. if you think that Bull riding is not for you …just use your remote and flip the channel …. just stop claiming the moral highgrounds.

  4. My church is cowboy church and they have mechanical bull all kids and adults can ride. Plus they do rodeo practice with kids they ride sheep then bucking ponies to adult horses depending on ages. They also practice steer roping

  5. This topic is not good. But maybe they are running out of the good ones.
    It's hard to get inspiring people on the show everyday.

  6. All I see is those braces, sense I had them at her age and wonder how she doesn't cut her mouth wide open riding that bull. I cut my mouth with those things just eating apples

  7. that girl is so awesome!!! and to all the people who are calling this animals abuse, educate yourselves and you’ll find that these bulls are some of the most well taken care of animals and are probably treated better than most pet dogs…

  8. WOW Kelly on the show you're talking to a little girl bull rider..that is the most beautiful green dress with little white designs on it..i love green..i want 1….😁😁😁😇😇💓💕💓

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