Querida CUBA

-Speaking in Spanish -Yeah! -Speaking in Spanish -Give me a breakdown of what’s happening right now. (Speaking in Spanish) (Speaking in Spanish) -Sun’s out gun’s out right here. (Speaking in Spanish) -Alright, crackin a beer We’re doing life stories. Here in fuckin Vinales. -We didn’t really know what to expect Continue Reading

Police Dog Handlers Share Emotional K9 Stories Part 2 | America’s Top Dog (Season 1) | A&E

WIFE CALLS IN First Bull Elk for Husband | Archery Elk Hunt

[Grant bugles] [Elk bugles in the distance] Cara: Woah [Another elk elk bugles in distance] Cara: That one is big Cara: Is that one back to the right? Grant: I don’t think we have time to make a play this evening It’s going to get dark Cara: Thats incredible Mark Continue Reading

Wuhan coronavirus kills 6, infects more than 300 in China

now China is desperately trying to keep alone the spread of the ohon coronavirus but so far it seems to be losing battle the mysterious respiratory infection that’s killed at least six people in second more than 300 people in China and parts of Asia appears to have made its Continue Reading