Hey guys, how are you? This is Lucas Almeida, INTZ’s CEO and we are at Mais Negócios GG! Thanks for sharing this amazing moment. What are we going to talk about today, Eric? About professionalism, teams canceling scrims at the last minute and this it it, the controversy of the Continue Reading

Nanny Dog Babysits Hyena, Cheetahs & Baboons | Oddest Animal Friendships | Love Nature

Nanna is almost five times the size of Nati. But she still behaves like it’s her baby and Nanna is also very affectionate. And as they grow up she also knows that they can hurt her. So she is still the dominant one. She lifts a little lip up and Continue Reading

Lil’ Grumpy Dog Is A BAD BOY… Or Is He? | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

Hobbs the dog is a BAD BOY! I don’t believe this! You’re tearing up a magazine!? And eating it?! Someone might have wanted to read that, Hobbs. You’re a BAD. BOY. Oh, brother! What is this bad boy doing now? Oh… you’re sleeping so sweetly. You look like a pretty Continue Reading

Horns vs. Antlers

There are many things that plague our country today: rampant crime, violent video games, a degradation of family values. But perhaps most importantly, children aren’t being taught to differentiate properly between horns and antlers. Horns and antlers are generally used for defending territory, fighting off predators, and attracting mates. I Continue Reading

How To Cook Breakfast The Right Way || A Little Help

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, I’m Lee Kalpakis and you’re doing it wrong — specifically breakfast, because your eggs are overdone, your bacon is unevenly cooked, your home fries, they’re far from crispy, and your coffee sucks. But that’s OK. Don’t worry, buddies, because we’re gonna break it down today Continue Reading

Ins and Outs of Relationships

Hey everyone, I am Brendon Watt Who am I? Who are you? Well, my name is Simone Milasas and guess what we’re starting? Guess what we’re doing on February the 14th, 2020? Are you taking me out to dinner? Are you bringing me chocolates? Or another lady? Or… what’s happening? Continue Reading