How To Take A Tick Off Your Dog – Professional Dog Training Tips

In this video, you’re going to learn how to take a tick off of your dog with a recent increase in the tick population and the increased danger of tick borne illnesses. It’s really important that if you find a tick on your dog, you know how to remove it Continue Reading

Dog Tug Game – How To Play Tug Of War With Your Dog – Professional Dog Training Tips

– Playing tug with your dog is a great relationship builder it builds value on playing with toys while at the same time it builds value on playing with you. (bubble pops) Now in my over 10 years as a professional dog trainer at McCann Dogs I’ve helped thousands of Continue Reading

Spaying or neutering a dog | Dog castration – Vet Advice

It’s commonly recommended that bitches should be spayed and male dogs should be castrated. Here at the Abbey House Veterinary Hospital in Leeds neutering operations occur daily. I’m here today to bring Shadow. He’s a nine month old puppy. We’re going to get him castrated, because the main reason, we’ve Continue Reading

How To Calm A Dog That’s Afraid of Thunder – Professional Dog Training Tips

– Thunderstorms, fireworks, construction noise in your environment, if you’ve got a dog that’s sensitive, these things can be a nightmare, the noise and the atmospheric pressure can be really tough on your dogs. We’re going to talk about some solutions for that problem here today. I’m Shannon and welcome Continue Reading

Three Bridges Egg Bites

hello and thank you so much for coming back to join me for this week’s pretty packaged item so today I’ll be sharing with you the three bridges eight bytes so these obviously to get this on sale but it’s regularly 350 which seems pretty expensive to me for just Continue Reading

Savage / Les Fauves (2019) | Trailer | Is This Real? | MyFrenchFilmFestival 2020

Shit, we better go! A LEGEND It’s hiding nearby. Watching us. Right now. A DISAPPEARANCE Are you Laura? – Who are you? – The police. Know why I’m here? Hurry up. – What does he write? – Books like Stephen King. – I know what you’re doing. – Do you? Continue Reading

XIAOMI MI NOTE 10 PRO: MELHOR INTERMEDIÁRIO de 2019 compete com tops de linha | Análise / Review

TudoCelular has tested the full potential of the Mi Note 10 cameras. The Xiaomi mid-ranger surprised us with the quality of the photos, so we decided to take a look at the Pro variant, which promises to be even better, Not to mention that it has more memory, which should Continue Reading

Cooking In The Kishen | Chill Day!! (Scrambled Eggs!)

Ah Yo, what’s good already messing up it was going on guys I know the camera angle it’s atrocious right now, okay Yeah, welcome all you wonderful wonderful people are the wonderful wonderful shinobi welcome back to another video today Let me doing something a little bit different. I know Continue Reading