CARMEN KARAOKE 01 – Sur la place chacun passe (Opening scene) | The Sound of Opera

In the square everyone goes by, everyone comes, everyone goes. These are such funny people! At the door of the guardhouse, to kill time, we smoke, we gossip, we watch the people going by. Look at that young girl who seems to want to talk to us. Look! Look!… she’s Continue Reading

cancion alien fumeta!

Brave Mongoose Tackles Lethal Black Mamba Snake

COMM: In the Kruger National Park, a dwarf mongoose sizes up to a deadly opponent, a black mamba. COMM: Black mamba snakes are the most feared in Africa, growing up to four and a half meters long. WOMAN: Oh, my god! Look at the size of him. COMM: Their bite Continue Reading

The Crocodile Queen

SAVANNAH BOAN: I love crocodiles and alligators so much that when I look at them, I immediately get excited and get butterflys in my stomach like I just saw a cute guy. SAVANNAH BOAN: Hey, my name is Savannah and I work at Gatorland, the alligator capital of the world. Continue Reading

Coliseu Corrida | Bloco A – (Legendado/Subtitled)

That guy is so strong. He is absurdly strong! The man with the mask of paper bag. I ask myself if someone could defeat him. Hey, there is a extraordinary guy in the Block A! Uh? What? Who? I won’t lose here. I don’t think he can escape now! The Continue Reading

Extraen tres libras de músculo muerto de los brazos del Popeye ruso | Al Rojo Vivo | Telemundo

CARMEN KARAOKE 31 – C’est toi, c’est moi (Finale) | The Sound of Opera

It’s you! – It’s me! They warned me that you weren’t far, that you would come; They even told me to fear for my life; But I am brave!… and didn’t want to flee. I don’t threaten… I’m imploring… I’m begging! Our past, Carmen, our past, I forget it!… Yes, Continue Reading

Ingenious ways of cooking eggs, which everyone should know.

#219 Vin Overboard in the Dark!!

it happened in the blink of an eye suddenly I was in the water cold water and I was in over my head I felt my body falling deeper I didn’t have a life preserver but I began to move my arms around and started coming back up when my Continue Reading