MELHOR CELULAR ASUS para COMPRAR em 2019 | Guia do TudoCelular

After we listed the best phones to buy from Samsung, Apple, Motorola, and Xiaomi Now the time has come to bring together the best smartphones from ASUS the ones we tested from 2018 until now – is it a Zenfone you’re looking for? Then check out the difference between each Continue Reading

World’s Craziest Animal Farts

Gas. Flatulence. Butt smoke. The colon’s tuba. A downstair’s sneeze. And.. …the rectal hello. Grab your gas mask because today, we’re talking about farts. Animal farts. It’s possible to use farts to actually communicate. Herring, on the other hand, use farts to say everything. Scientists call it ‘Fast Repetitive Tick’. Continue Reading

36th Annual Catfish Rodeo – March 18, 2017

Text Overlay: 36th Annual Catfish Rodeo March 18th, 2017 City of Casa Grande It’s springtime at Casa Grande and there isn’t a better time to be here than right now. Enjoying the beautiful weather our city has to offer, and what better way to enjoy these cool temperatures than coming Continue Reading

Rapides Regional Health Talk – Rodeo trauma

– [Announcer] Health Talk, brought to you by Rapides Regional Medical Center. (upbeat music) Rodeo is a popular Central Louisiana pastime, but it’s a risky pastime, too. Studies show that bull riding, especially, has an injury rate higher than the sports of football or hockey. – Well, the most typical Continue Reading