Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Opening Full『FLOW × GRANRODEO – Howling』

Are you satisfied? Just open your eyes You can see the light Across this new borderline Once we’ve finished lamenting our defeats, our emotions keep struggling on A distant light pulses through the dark of night, the howling of those who believe Hey! Get low! Hey! Howl aloud! Take action Continue Reading

Los Polinesios & RedOne Song – Festival ( Official Video)

Baby here we go OOH EH OH This night is’nt going to end Flying high and low OH OH OH UE OOH Life is a festival Baby here we go EH OH This night isn’t gonna end Flying high and low OH OH OH UE OOH Life is a festival Continue Reading

Bull Street Taco: HOT PEPPER EATING Contest | OctaneRed_392

Yes they’ll go up and then get increasingly hotter as the night goes on you have to eat the entire pepper, flesh, membrane, seeds and all it has to go into your little chomper mouth and you gotta eat the whole thing may be nice to you I ate the Continue Reading

Tesla Stock: Bull Case vs Bear Case | Full Documentary

I’ve been called obsessed with this by a lot of people. I don’t usually talk stocks around the apartment, because it drives my girlfriend crazy. I especially don’t talk Tesla. And by the way, it’s not– it’s not ruling my life. I mean, I don’t think about it while I’m Continue Reading