Android Design in Action: Design Hangout No. 1

ROMAN NURIK: All right. Hello, everyone. Welcome to Android Design in Action. This week’s episode is unlike the other episodes that you’ve seen. This week we’re going to have a hangout, Google+ Hangout on air. Oh, right, that’s probably a good idea. We’re going to have a Google+ Hangout on Continue Reading

Rodeo clown rounds up family fun

At a rodeo you will most likely see cowboy hats, horses, bulls and cattle, and sometimes someone just like Mike. Matt McGee, Announcer, “He makes everybody smile all the time. You know, I mean he’s one of those guys, when you walk in the room it brightens your day no Continue Reading

pauwak manok napula sa cementeryo

FIRST RODEO!!!:/// Lansing, Michigan

It’s 8’clock and I’m calling you out! Let’s settle this once and for all Runt! Or ain’t you got the gumption? [Intro music] This week we took the boys to the rodeo in… Lansing, Michigan! [music] [music] Did you enjoy it Jonah? [Jonah] Yeah, Yeah, there was lots of fun Continue Reading

Lorenzo Senni on the JP-8080 | Red Bull Music Academy

We are here with my favourite synth. It is a synthesizer that was released in the ’90s, although I only discovered it seven or eight years ago. But I made my last three records almost solely with this machine, so I’ve spent a lot of time with it. This is Continue Reading

Hunting Giant Alaska Bull Moose

It’s was a cold night last night, we had quite a bit of snow on the ground you can see the mountains, looking nice and crisp this morning. All round. It snowed last night when we went to bed. We had a late night, last night we had an incredible Continue Reading