High-heeled Crocs are now a thing – and people have no idea what to make of them – Daily News

 Most people either love or loathe crocs.  Known as an unstylish yet practical shoe, Crocs are a popular choice with mums, dads and people on their feet all day  But the humble shoe has recently received an upgrade that’s neither stylish or practical: a high-heeled version  Retailing at £39.99 on Continue Reading

Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 28 – Fishing Rodeo & Jamboree | Rooster Teeth

I Am Ready, Eddie all right? Regt City is unloading angeles a little bit Got some kung Fu fighting over here everybody was Kung Fu’ house They get rid of my shit Jeff you gotta walk back. No. Yes, maybe here ray some interesting additions to your home [I] just Continue Reading

Moving Cows and Bulls From Here to There and Everywhere

Hi I’m Mike and every day on the ranch is filled with hard work in order to bring food to your plate and as we are now less than one week from shipping calves off to auction, it’s time to move some cows around in order to make room for Continue Reading


ROBLOX BULL STORY IcyTea: hey dude what’s the answer to number 2? Fave: go away! i’m trying to take a test! IcyTea: cmon man just one answer Fave: how about just one fight, after class IcyTea: will you give me number 2 then? Fave: yeah i’ll give you some number Continue Reading

Charolais Bulls For Sale in Alberta in 2016

Our Charolais bulls are thick bulls but they’re still smooth bulls. The bulls have the rapid early growth that you need but the two year olds will not get too big. We have delivered what you asked for; lots of hair so you can sell those deep coated, good doin, Continue Reading

Black Angus Bulls For Sale in Alberta in 2016

All the good old time Angus traits: volume, beefiness, quick fleshing, dependable and durable. Ours are easy fleshing black genetics but yet they still have frame and length. Just like our Red Angus our blacks are light at birth and really grow when it counts .Angus convenience, the black color Continue Reading

Glenn Beck: Anti-Obama Rodeo Clown a ‘Very Brave Artist’

let’s talk about Glenn Beck Glenn Beck had a reaction to this rodeo clown there was a rodeo clown who was wearing a Barack Obama mask okay and the clown was fired by the fair organizers for the fair he worked for because he did a performance that was number Continue Reading