Corn Drill + Red Bull & Milk | Challenge Pete

Hi, I’m Pete and right now I’m actually in France so there is unfortunately no vote this week but next week it’s back to normal, and last week you chose ‘Cactus Arrow’. So look out for that next Thursday it’ll be a really fun video. But I didn’t want to Continue Reading

¿Qué es la alfabetización?

What is Literacy? Let us ask ourselves a little about what literacy means, because the mistake we commonly make about literacy is relating it to letters. Historically there have been two types of transcription of orality, references and gestures; ideographic or pictographic, and alphabetical. Pictographics have mainly prevailed in the Continue Reading

Hunter fatally gored by a deer he thought he ki.lled, officials say

Hunter fatally gored by a deer he thought he ki.lled, officials say An Arkansas hunter was killed Tuesday by a deer he assumed was shot dead, said Keith Stephens, a spokesman for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Thomas Alexander, 66, was an experienced hunter who had lived in the Continue Reading

Daniel Ulbricht on RODEO: FOUR DANCE EPISODES: Anatomy of a Dance

– I’m Daniel Ulbricht, and I’m a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet. Here I’m dancing one of the featured roles in Justin Peck’s “Rodeo.” I enter the stage from the wing right now, dancing with my friends to this amazing score by Aaron Copland. Probably most famous Continue Reading

Murda Beatz Put Type Beats on YouTube to Get Noticed | Red Bull Remix Lab

That’s a crazy — I don’t know how — Maybe that’s saying how are you getting the opportunity to work with Drake and Migos and all these different artists you know. You got a network. Build your name. Build your brand and then just be confident in your brand and Continue Reading