Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : How to Pad & Saddle a Rodeo Horse

Hi, I’m Holly Heidemann and today on behalf of Expert Village we’re going to talk about the equipment involved with barrel racing. We’re going to start out with the pad. The pad that I happen to use is a Saddle Right pad, but there are many good pads on the Continue Reading

Wakeboarding Hungary’s Hidden Treasures – Red Bull WakeXplorers 2012

The water comes… and grab and pfff… you get crazy Perfect! I really like this the idea is really good. Guys Cheers! Come on lets do it! My tongue is burning.

Hety And Zambo – Tek A Ride (Official Video)

))) MUSIC BACKGROUND ((( Did yuh really ready for dis? I don´t think so… Yeah! Hety And Zambo Benny B pon di beat! Dis dah di next step! Dis dah di next step! WI – RULE – DI – ERIA Come on baby tek a ride with me Hands up Continue Reading

New Skill for a New Year – What’s next for our farm?

what new skill above all others do I want to develop in 2019 so that’s it 2018 is in the books done finito the end of the year it’s all over I don’t want to spend too much time looking back I want to spend my time looking forward there’s Continue Reading


Today on Jonathan Bird’s Blue World, a rare and endangered seal in Hawaii. Hi, I’m Jonathan Bird and welcome to my world! Seals and Sea Lions are among the ocean’s most endearing creatures. Their antics and appearance often remind me of undersea puppy dogs, and sometimes these playful animals interact Continue Reading

Rodeo Fiesta | Funny Cartoons for Children | The Adventures of Annie and Ben!

ANNIE, BEN & MANGO You never know where they’re gonna go! WOW! There’s nothing but horses pulling the floats! This is the parade for LA FIESTA DE LOS VAQUEROS — it’s the world’s longest horse-drawn parade. Uh, fiesta what? It’s Spanish. It means: the celebration of the cowboys. Tucson, Arizona Continue Reading

Rodeo Stampede New Update -The easiest Missons ever – Rodeo stampede Mountain missions

Welcome back heroes My Name is Moody And Today I am back with a new rodeo stampede video So, If you are wondering why I am doing many rodeo stampede videos That’s because I really enjoy playing this game And also you guys watch them more than my other viedos Continue Reading