A 12-Year-Old Bull Rider Judges Kelly’s Husband’s Skills | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– How long have you been riding and how in the world did you think that was a good idea? – (laughing) Well my dads a bull rider so – Okay – [Bull rider] I was always behind the shoots with him – [Kelly] Apple tree. – [Bull Rider] Yes Continue Reading

Skateboarding Meets Four-Cross Racing | Red Bull Feel the Wheel

I’m happy to be here back on the track again on Red Bull Feel the Wheel. It is different than last year. The track changed a lot. You need to pump much harder to gain speed than last year. Here are lot of different riders with different boards, different styles Continue Reading

13 – Culling Bulls based on BSE

Breeding sound this is one of the main reasons boulder brought to market there is no visible defects in the outside of the bull You should suspect breeding problem they could be same in production issues, it could be a penis abnormalities deformities, just a lack of overall libido so Continue Reading

Salah scores a double after Salzburg scare | Liverpool vs Salzburg | Highlights

Mane. Beautiful, away from Kristensen, goes for the return! Mane against his former club, Liverpool score an absolute cracker. Lovely from Liverpool, Alexander-Arnold first-time… Oh, yes, Andrew Robertson, one full-back to the other! Fantastic Liverpool goal. Robertson…Mane. Looks up, Firmino arriving, and it’s gonna come out towards Salah! And Salah Continue Reading

BangerSound Cyphers Vol. 24 – The Meme Cypher

BangerSound Cyphers Vol. 24 – The Meme Cypher Neru Sake Rflect Teaganbear Kfish The Litness Monster Teaganbear x Litness Monster Jackson King NTropy Beat Shaman Khanda Rflect BangerSound Cyphers Vol. 24 – The Meme Cypher

Why 5 Family & Private Businesses Chose the Goering Center (2019)

[JOE MOTZ] At The Motz Corporation we’re now almost a hundred members in size. [TYLER LANG] My entire career has been around investments and financial markets. [LAUREN JOHNSON] I am the Quality Manager for our container distributorship. I work for my parents – it’s a family owned business. [JIM PERRY] Continue Reading