Emmanuel Macron: ‘Teaching Africans from New York? Bull!’

I mean, 63% of non-educated adults today are women. That’s the deep roots of the gender inequalities. One of the critical issues we have regarding the African demography is the fact that this is not a chosen fertility. I always say: “Please, present me the lady who decided, being perfectly Continue Reading

Things to do in SAN ANTONIO, TX: Luxury and Rodeo (2017)

Hello from San Antonio, Texas! I’m here for a weekend of fun and luxury When it comes to luxury you can’t go wrong with The St. Anthony hotel They invited a few journalists to come here and experience everything up close and I’m loving it! I got a welcome note Continue Reading

Mommie Dearest (8/9) Movie CLIP – Rodeo Queen (1981) HD

[alarm clock buzzing] [joan sighing]

B-Boy’s & Illusion – Red Bull Flying Illusion World Premiere

For us, the Flying Steps, it is the biggest project ever. A mega project. The challenge was to combine breakdance and illusion in a way that the audience won’t be able to distinguish a skill from a trick or an illusion. Sensational! I have never seen something like this in Continue Reading

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory – Tunnel of Terror Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

[MUSIC] [MUSIC SPEEDS UP] HENRY SALT: Hang on, where we going? SAM BEAUREGARDE: I don’t know, but I don’t like the looks of that tunnel up there. Hey, Wonka! I want off! WILLY WONKA: ‘Round the world and home again! That’s the sailor’s way. VERUCA SALT: I don’t like this Continue Reading