Not Your Average Gold Bull (w/ George Milling-Stanley) | Expert View

A lot of people think that because gold doesn’t have a coupon or a dividend, it’s an asset without a yield. But if you go back to 1971, since that time, on a compound annual growth rate basis, gold has returned 7.5%. It’s an uncorrelated asset, not a positive relationship Continue Reading

“Super” Pit Bull: Training The Ultimate Protection Dog | DOG DYNASTY

00:02 MARLON: If these dogs weren’t under control they could absolutely kill a person. 00:10 COMM: This powerhouse of a pit bull is top dog at Dark Dynasty K9s. Who specialises in training elite protection dogs for the police and millionaire clients around the world. 00:21 MARLON: It honestly feels Continue Reading

Onward Official Teaser Trailer

♪♪ TROLL: Morning! CENTAUR GIRL: Morning! GNOME: Hey, get back to work! IAN LIGHTFOOT: Hey Mom! Stop it! Ick! Ugh! LAURA LIGHTFOOT: Blazey, down! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to walk her. Oh, bad dragon, back to your lair! ♪♪ BARLEY LIGHTFOOT: Come dear brother, our destiny awaits! Ok! Continue Reading

Otomo Yoshihide on Noise Music, Collaboration and Amachan | Red Bull Music Academy

Hello everyone. Thank you for your patience. We’ll spend the next hour or so with the musician Otomo Yoshihide. Mr. Otomo Yoshihide. Hello everyone. And I’m Kunisaki, your host for today. I’m the executive editor of Sound and Recording Magazine, which is a monthly mag for people who create music. Continue Reading

Erick Ruiz shares his journey to Red Bull X-Fighters

When flying, I think the sensation is freedom and fun. Every time I get on my bike, I have fun. If I am not having fun, I’d rather not ride. So freedom more than anything. I started in freestyle in 2007 when I was 12 years old. And I contacted Continue Reading

Remembering the Impact of DJ Rashad | Red Bull Music Academy

From ’99 to 2003 when we actually got with the label a lot of stuff changed, we still were making our Chicago stuff I say. – yeah footwork actually but we didn’t have a name for it. Yeah we didn’t call it footwork back then. – It was just called Continue Reading

Wolfgang Voigt on Creativity and Independence | Red Bull Music Academy

A very warm welcome to Wolfgang Voigt! Hello, thank you. Good Evening. The track we just listened to features you on vocals, in your mother tongue, is that right? Yes, it’s one of my vocal masterpieces, as you can easily tell. You started us off with a simple, very accessible Continue Reading

Sprint Canoe vs Steam Boat – Red Bull René Poulsen vs. Hjejlen

My name is René Poulsen and the location is Silkeborg. I’m going to race against Denmark’s oldest Steamboat I think it will be a close race, because it looks like there´s a lot of headwind. I haven’t been out to see how it look out there. But the race will Continue Reading

Kim Kwang-hyun does not sign with San Diego 야구: 김광현, MLB행 불발

Moving on. Expectations were high that pitcher Kim Kwang-hyun would be the next Korean export to Major League Baseball. But, in the end, a deal couldn′t be reached. The 30-day negotiation culminated in the San Diego Padres offering two million U.S. dollars for two years, all guaranteed, but the SK Continue Reading