Matador: Cómo se abre un set de 2 chicas (parte 2)

you’re a high-value male and this is how the world treats you okay go for Titus right again hey guys yeah I get back to my buddy in a second but uh I thought he just found pictures my buddy’s girlfriend just found pictures of his ex-girlfriend I mean the Continue Reading

OnePlus 7 Pro vs Mi 9: quem merece o título de “matador de tops de linha”? | Comparativo

OnePlus officialized two models of its “flagship killer” in 2019 and we’ve already tested the OnePlus 7 Pro, a model with even more features and innovations, still more competitively priced than other flagships, but not as cheap as the Mi 9. And the question is, do the extra features outweigh Continue Reading

[ENG SUB][TCO III EP0 Unaired Cuts] Hua Chenyu Interviews Zhang Yuqi as a First Time Interviewer

You’re the first person I’ve ever interviewed -I’m honored – I am also honored Didn’t you like to laugh when you were a kid? I liked to laugh a lot in my childhood I also really like to laugh now Maybe you warm up slowly I would Do you live Continue Reading

They Found WHAT Inside?!

Here are the weirdest things ever found in animals! 15. A Whole Lightbulb In terms of animals eating weird stuff, dogs can go toe to toe with any creature on the planet. Especially Cody, a young Golden Retriever puppy who swallowed an entire light bulb. This poor doggo had been Continue Reading

[ENG SUB][HD Fancam] Bullfighting – Hua Chenyu 190907 Running Shark Music Festival 华晨宇易车音乐节

The second song,>>Composed by: Hua Chenyu Lyricist: Pei Yu Arranged by: Bernard Zheng, Hua Chenyu Follow Follow Hey Enter in a parade In the name of the matador The glory of toréro never fades Under the magnificence of Iberia Air is shredded by the blazing sun Countless audiences are cheering Continue Reading

Media Naranja Vete

mix y las manos bien arriba haciendo palmas palmas palmas 1 2 3 pongalo Dee Jay Ya te dije que no quiero estar contigo Y te dije que la noche es mi destino Si tú siempre sales con que quieres caminar bajo el sol Déjate de joder tómatela de acá. Continue Reading

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