Chapolin: Abertura e Créditos de “O Matador de Ratos” (1977) [Legendado]

Mais ágil que uma tartaruga! Mais forte que um rato! Mais nobre que um alface! Seu escudo é um coração! É o Chapolin Colorado! Interpretado pelo super comediante Chespirito! Com Ramón Valdez… Carlos Villagran “Pirolo”… Florinda Meza… Edgar Vivar… e Horácio Gómez. Esta noite apresentamos um episódio intitulado: “O Matador Continue Reading

Most awesome bullfighting festival accident 18+

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Our Big Bear Family

JIM KOWALCZIK: We’re one big bear family! JIM KOWALCZIK: Our bear family is like every other family and stuff, you love them to death, but there’s other times they drive you nuts, right? COMM: Jim and Susan run a centre for orphaned wildlife in Otisville, New York. SUSAN KOWALCZIK: I’m Continue Reading

Self-Defense Basics: Lesson 8 – Pull and Turn

Hello again. Ando here from Happy Life Martial Arts. Welcome to Lesson #8 in your Self-Defense Basics Course. In Lesson #7, we talked about scaring off a bad guy by getting in his space and in his face. But what if the bad guy gets in your space first? What Continue Reading

SAN FERMIN – ”Renaissance!” \\ Lyrics

A renaissance, another day to tiptoe on the balustrade. Get over you, like anything I ever could. It’s easier from far away imagine this another way, I know the lines to every play the best ones cry So please come wake me up There’s a mob at the door, I Continue Reading


– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV, producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (gentle music) – Hi, welcome to On The Lamb Ranch. We are 60 acres nestled in beautiful mountains here in Camarillo. I’m only about a mile an a half off the freeway. We’re nestled here right at the base Continue Reading