How to clean a BBQ after use – Matador BBQ’s

If you want your barbecue to cook performing at its best, then you should always clean it after cooking. Remove any excess food and leave the burners on for five minutes until the grease has burnt off. Turn off the gas bottle first before the burners, that way you burn Continue Reading

JSB 2017 vs JSB 2019, 2 2 grams, Matador 25, Alfa Precision barrel

Got it? So, we have tested Lelya we have tested Matador different barrels different pellets pellets are the same different pellets by the data of the production! Yes, I am so stupid… We have heavy .25 pellets, 2.2 grams 2017 and 2019 and we decided to test them as well Continue Reading

VIDEO MAPPING PLAZA MAYOR: the largest 360 degree projection mapping, Madrid, Spain

Devastating fire in 1790 destroyed most of the Plaza Mayor it needed to be rebuild. The Plaza Mayor was used for bullfighting. It also held various auto-da-fé meaning “acts of faith” and executions for instance using el “garrote vil”. Throughout its 400 years The Plaza Mayor has served as a Continue Reading

[ENG/JPA SUB] Hua Chenyu 华晨宇 Mars Concert 2017 Beijing || Official Video 20171014

2017.10.14 Hua Chenyu “Mars Concert” in Beijing, China> Theme Song of MovieComposer: Hua Chenyu Lyricists: Ding Yanxue, Jin Hezai, Fang Hao Arranger: Bernard Zheng Sun and moon are recurring Who has commanded Qi Tian Qi Tian To let go of gratitude and grudges? Love and hate strung together Cannot escape Continue Reading

Matador NanoDry Shower & Trek Towel Review | Folding Quick Dry Towel Ideal For Travel, Small & Large

– In this video, we’re going to be taking a look at the packable NanoDry Towels from Matador, both the Shower size and the Trek size. I’m Tom, the founder of Pack Hacker and we’re a team of contributors that share our travel tips and tricks. We do guides and Continue Reading

Matador Freerain24 Backpack Review | 24L Waterproof Packable Daypack

– Hey, it’s Rebecca from Pack Hacker here and in this review we’re going to be taking a look at the Matador Freerain24, the weather resistant and slightly larger version of the Matador DL16. Here at Pack Hacker we do reviews on travel gear and packs like this all the Continue Reading