2004-2018 F150 Barricade Bull Bar with Skid Plate & 20″ Dual-Row LED Light Bar Review & Install

If you’re looking for a way to seamlessly
add some auxiliary lighting without having the drill mounts into your truck and would
like a little bit more front-end protection in the process, then the Barricade HD with
the included 20 inch LED light bar might just be the option for you. Interested 2004 and newer owners can look
forward to a durable stainless steel build with that textured black powder coat along
with the 20 inch light bar that we just mentioned, all by the way for south of 300 bucks. Now, since this thing is designed to fit a
wide variety of generation trucks, some owners might encounter the smallest amount of trimming
to the lower air dam area, but either way, a majority of this job will be a bolt on affair
with some of the wiring here for the light bar. So, figure kick it up to a two out of three
wrenches on the difficulty meter, and we will have a more thorough walkthrough later in
the video. So the integration of auxiliary lighting into
bull bars is something that has really started blowing up as of late, and it’s easy to see
why. It just makes perfect sense. Now, the bull bar light bar combo will add
a bunch of light output and at the same time will help alleviate the concerns of having
to drill or cut to mount the light to your roof, your bumper, or even your hood. Now, factor in the added look and minor amount
of protection that you’re getting from a bull bar and you have a very appealing package
and a really great bang for your buck. But let’s start with the bull bar. And again, this is Barricade’s HD option which
will deliver a more stout build consisting of that three and a half inch stainless steel
tubing and corresponding skid plate down below before being finished off in the textured
black powder coat that you see here. I always like to point out the other finish
options available on the site if applicable, and that will be the case here with the HD
as it is also available in a polished option, which can also be had on the site for roughly
50 bucks more, and I think would certainly appeal to those truck owners out there who
might have a lot of chrome or polished bits already going on with your rig. But aside from the Barricade HD bull bar,
you are also receiving the 20 inch double row or dual row LED light bar. Now the bar itself is gonna feature 40 individual,
3 watt Cree LEDs, a combo of flood and spotlights. So you’re gonna get a ton of output and altogether
you’re looking at 10,000 total lumens. Now, it’s certainly not gonna be on the level
of a Rigid or a KC bar, but it’s gonna be a solid option for the price and is backed
by a three-year warranty in case you run into any issues. So now that you know a little bit more about
the light bar and bull bar combo, let’s touch on the installation. And again, you have to factor in some nut
and bolt work here in addition to some light wiring to get the light bar up and running. And to give you a better idea of what’s involved
with this install, here is a tech with a walkthrough. Our first step is gonna be to remove this
plastic lower grille, and you can use an upholstery tool, a screwdriver. Just be careful when pulling it out. Just gotta grab in here and… Now that we removed the plastic bottom portion,
we have access to the frame rails. So we’re gonna now attach these U-bolts, which
are gonna bolt on to these brackets. These brackets are gonna hold on the bull
bar. So just put the U-bolt through the first hole
and then we’re gonna come out the other hole. Now we’re gonna put the bracket up. Now we’re gonna do the same steps for the
other side. U-bolt through the hole then out the other
hole. With our mounting brackets attach the frame
rails of our truck, it’s time to get our bull bar ready. You’re just gonna screw on your two mounts
to the bull bar, gonna use two bolts. Gonna place them in. And you’re just gonna hand tighten them first. And then you’re gonna want them to be facing
on the inside. With both sets of brackets in place, just
grab some help and we’re gonna place the bumper next to the brackets. Make sure you wire your light bar wiring. Using the same 17-millimeter socket, we’re
gonna tighten up all the bolts left and right so we can place the bull bar where you want
it. With our bull bar mounted now fully, it’s
time to wire up the light bar. It is a plug-and-play kit, so we just have
to wire the wiring through to the battery into our switch. First, we’re gonna have to pop the hood. With the hood open, our first step is gonna
be to disconnect the positive terminal just for safety. And then for this truck, we’re gonna be using
the 10-millimeter. With our battery disconnected, it’s time to
lay out our wire harness. We’re gonna fish in the line for the actual
light itself. We have the end for the switch as well as
the end to go to the battery terminals directly. We’re just gonna feed it down and we’ll secure
it when we’re down there to make sure it doesn’t attach to anything. So now we have it fished up through the engine
bay and we have the light, so then we’re just gonna connect them together. They’re connected and then we’re gonna place
them up here and secure it with zip ties so that it doesn’t get in the way of anything. So our wire harness connected to our LED light
bar. Now, just remove the fuse so we connect it
directly to the battery. Fuse is out of the way. And then we’re gonna use our 10-millimeter
socket to remove the bolts for the battery itself and connect the terminals. So now our wire harness is in place. All that’s left is to put the fuse back into
it and then you just have to pick where you want your switch to be. Just make sure it clicks, all the connectors
click, and you’re good to go. And that’s gonna wrap up our install of Barricade’s
texturized bull bar with the 20 inch light bar. You can check this out and more at americantrucks.com.

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