15 McDonald’s Items You CAN’T Buy In America (Part 2)

15 McDonald’s Items You CAN’T Buy In America (Part 2)

Mickey D’s fans will enjoy learning about
more McDonald’s Items that aren’t available in the USA. Discovering international menu
items from this fast food giant can be a lot of fun. So let’s tour the world and check
out 15 McDonald’s Items You CAN’T Buy In America (Part 2). Red Rice Porridge (Singapore) This tasty menu item is available only at
Singapore McDonald’s locations, and it’s very nutritious. In fact, it was introduced to
appeal to health-conscious people. Red Rice Porridge is made with wheat, tree nuts and
soybean. Red rice is a whole grain which has a vibrant hue and lots of fiber. If you get
the chance to try this Singapore-exclusive menu item, be sure to go for it, especially
if you prefer to nosh on plant-based menu items. You’ll find that the vitamin B content
in this dish is good for your health. Plus, the taste is top-notch, as this menu item
was created by Anna Lim, who is a respected Singaporean chef. Red Rice Porridge was added
to the Singapore McDonald’s menu in spring of 2018 and it’s still on the menu today. The McArabia Chicken (Pakistan & Arab Nations) While in Pakistan or an Arab nation, be sure
to indulge in a McArabia Chicken. It’s a chicken sandwich that just isn’t available in America.
Made from two Halal grilled chicken patties, plus onions, bold garlic sauce, lettuce and
tomatoes, it’s simply delicious. This sandwich comes on tasty Arabic bread. Customers who
prefer crispy chicken to grilled chicken may order the McArabia with the crispy option,
which was added after the McArabia was launched. The crispy chicken option will have a bit
more fat and calories. International menu items from McDonald’s reflect regional and
national tastes. What works in one country may not work in another. Sometimes, McDonald’s
does bring international menu items to America, but the McArabia isn’t one of those items.
The best way to get it is to go on an adventure where it’s available. McAloo Tikki Burger (India) This veggie delight was offered at the McDonald’s
Chicago Loop location in 2018, as part of its international menu, but it’s not an item
that you’ll find on the official American McDonald’s menu. The Chicago Loop location
is actually the worldwide HQ of McDonald’s, so that location was an appropriate place
to give the McAloo Tikki burger a test run. This veggie burger comes from India, where
it’s very popular at Mickey D’s locations. This burger has a veggie patty made from samosa-inspired
seasoning, peas and potatoes. The veggie burger patty is topped with tomato slices, tomato
mayo made without eggs and red onions. It’s a lighter, plant-based option for those who
prefer vegetarian fare. Sticky BBQ (Sweden) This unique McSelection is available only
in select Swedish McDonald’s locations. It’s a very unique burger that features cheese,
bacon, red onion, lettuce and a flavorful BBQ Cold Brew sauce. The BBQ Cold Brew sauce
contains some gourmet-inspired ingredients, such as tamarind paste, cold brew coffee and
rapeseed oil. BBQ fans in the USA would probably love this beef burger, but it hasn’t been
introduced all over Sweden yet, much less in America. Sometimes, McDonald’s restaurants
offer special items that are designed to appeal to specific regional tastes. These menu items
aren’t necessarily destined to be available on a wider scale. It’s about offering customers
a little novelty that makes the experience of visiting McDonald’s a bit different and
exciting. If you ever visit Sweden and manage to get your hands on one of these Stick BBQ
sandwiches, enjoy. Halloumi Muffin (Cyprus) This special muffin is available at McDonald’s
restaurants in Cyprus, and its renowned for its local and traditional flavors. It comes
with Halloumi cheese that’s been grilled to perfection, plus fresh lettuce and a slice
of ripe tomato. The Halloumi cheese is what makes this muffin stand out. It’s a cheese
that Cypriots revere and it has been compared to cream cheese or cheese curds. This muffin
was also available in the United Arab Emirates for a time. In Cyprus, the Halloumi Muffin
is on the breakfast menu, along with a Bacon Halloumi Muffin, and the familiar breakfast
fare that Americans know and love, such as the Big Breakfast, Sausage McMuffin, and Pancakes. This
muffin hasn’t made it to America, but it’s a big hit in Cyprus. Masala Scrambled Egg With Whole Wheat Bun
(India) If you’re a scrambled eggs fan and you love
the taste of traditional Indian spice blends, you may wish that you could get the Masala
Scrambled Egg with Whole Wheat Bun in America. While specific ingredients for this Indian
McDonald’s menu item aren’t available online right now, the name of the menu item gives
us an important clue about how it tastes. Masala is a blend of spices that are ground
up into paste form and then utilized to flavor Indian dishes. So, these scrambled eggs are
going to have a delightfully spicy kick, if you can manage to get to India to order them.
The bun on the side will make this meal more substantial and filling. This breakfast menu
item sounds amazing, but it’s just not available in the USA. Cheese Melt Dippers (United Kingdom) Cheese fans in the UK had the opportunity
to enjoy Cheese Melt Dippers at local McDonald’s locations. These dippers were made from creamy
Camembert cheese covered in a crispy crumb coating. Sounds a little decadent, doesn’t
it? In a good way, of course. Camembert is a gourmet cheese with plenty of richness,
character, texture and taste. When it’s coated in a delectable crust, it takes on a whole
new level of delicious. These treats seemed to have been limited edition, because they’re
not currently on the menu at the official McDonald’s UK website, but they may be back.
It’s not uncommon for McDonald’s fast food chains in certain countries to bring back
menu items sometimes. In the meantime, UK customers may enjoy a tasty alternative, which
is Cheese and Herb Melts. These cheese bites are made with Emmental and Mozzarella cheeses
and then covered in a crunchy coating. They are served with a tomato-flavored dip. Magic Cheese Blueberry Pie (China) McDonald’s China offers lots of fun menu items
that aren’t available in America, including kid-friendly items from the Snowman Food Season
menu. As the name suggests, Magic Cheese Blueberry Pie is a unique and inspiring take on the
classic Blueberry Cheesecake taste. It’s a fun new way of enjoying a traditional sweet
treat. In America, dessert at McDonald’s is all about the hot Apple Pies and the McFlurries.
Globally, there are other enticing sweet tastes to discover at McDonald’s restaurants. A trip
to China will be a great opportunity to sample Magic Blueberry Pie, but you’ll probably need
to get to China quickly, as this menu item may not be around for long. McFalafel (Sweden) Swedish McDonald’s fans who want to skip the
meat enjoy ordering McFalafel. It’s a different fast food experience, which still has that
whole McDonald’s vibe happening. A lot of Americans have tried Falafel, so they have
a sense of how the McFalafel from Sweden would taste. The Swedish fast food version is made
from chickpeas, fragrant spices including coriander and cinnamon, potato flour and other
good-tasting and wholesome ingredients. These little Falafel bites come in a convenient
four-pack. They are a nice light meal or a heartier snack. Swedish McDonald’s definitely
have some appealing and innovative menu items that most Americans would appreciate. They
also offer the Sticky BBQ burger, which would appeal to so many USA BBQ fans. Gran Garlic Pepper Burger (Japan) This burger is part of the Japan McDonald’s
“Gran burger” lineup. Some American tourists who’ve sampled the Gran Garlic Pepper burger
and other Gran burgers are very impressed with the results. There are American customers
who prefer the Japanese Mickey D’s burgers to the American ones, in part because the
Japanese burgers have very airy and fluffy buns. The Gran Garlic Pepper burger was introduced
in October of 2018 and it gets great reviews from Japanese citizens and tourists. This
burger has a sauce with a bit of kick and it accents the meat’s flavor well. This burger
comes with lettuce and tomato on the revered Japanese McDonald’s bun. If you’re fond of
Garlic Pepper taste, you’ll probably adore this burger. The trio of “Gran” burgers were
brought into rotation at Japanese McDonald’s as replacements for the Quarter Pounder. Rustic Potatoes (Russia) At McDonald’s locations in Russia, it’s possible
to enjoy lots of fun and unique menu items that taste great, including Rustic Potatoes.
What will you see on the Russian menu, besides Rustic Potatoes, which are a chunkier, deep-fried
and spiced potato with real down-home appeal? Well, quite a bit of cool stuff; including
the Texas Burger and Western Gourmet Burger. If you’re looking for different McDonald’s sides,
you might wish that you could order Rustic Potatoes in America. In the USA, you can enjoy
their World Famous Fries or a side salad. The other available snacks and sides are on
the sweet side, rather than being savory, like Rustic Potatoes. It almost goes without
saying that menus change from time to time, so what’s here today may be gone tomorrow. NY Double Beef Bagel (Germany) German McDonald’s customers are able to enjoy
a very hearty, Big Apple-inspired taste, by ordering NY Double Beef Bagel (or New York
Double Beef Bagel) sandwiches at McDonald’s. These filling burgers come on New York-style
bagels; two all-beef patties are topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato and savory sauce.
Since bagels are really substantial, thanks to their heavier and chewier texture, this
German burger is designed to fill up customers and tastes great, too. While it’s inspired
by one of America’s coolest cities, it’s not on the American menu. There’s a NY Double
Chicken Bagel sandwich for those who prefer poultry to red meat. McDonald’s menu items
from Germany are fun. There are lots of interesting things on the menu that are a little novel
to Americans, including a Signature Truffles Burger and the charmingly named McMilchshakes. Fried Shrimp (Russia) Fried shrimp are mighty tasty and you can
get them as a side dish at Russian McDonald’s locations. These deep-fried snacks won’t last
long, because you’ll plunge them into the accompanying sauce and inhale them in record
time. There’s no telling why McDonald’s hasn’t brought this side dish to the USA, because
it might be popular. After all, Americans do love their shrimp. It’s also fascinating
to see what people in other countries enjoy eating when they visit McDonald’s. Most of
the items sound delicious, even when they are really offbeat. Fried Shrimp isn’t so
unorthodox and it’s probably a guilty pleasure of many Russian fast food fans. It’s a nice
change from Chicken McNuggets or other fried fare from Mickey D’s. While deep-fried foods
should be enjoyed in moderation, they are definitely something that a lot of fast food
fans crave. Healthier fare sometimes doesn’t sell too well, which says a lot about what
fast food customers really want. Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry (UK) This crowd-pleasing McFlurry was launched
in the UK in September of 2019. It comes with luscious chunks of beloved Galaxy chocolate,
plus a caramel sauce with a little salty kick. If you love whipped ice cream that’s loaded
with sweet treats and sauce, you may be salivating over this UK McFlurry right now. Luckily,
you’ve got some exciting McFlurry choices in the USA, so you won’t need to feel too
deprived. Still, the whole salted caramel thing is a hot trend that’s also delicious,
so it’s too bad that American McDonald’s customers can’t get the Galaxy Salted Caramel version
of the McFlurry. Maybe there will be a spin on the whole salted caramel trend in McDonald’s
USA locations at some point; after all, it’s a food trend that shows no signs of slowing
down. Ebi Filet O’Shrimp (Japan) Shrimp fans do not need to be limited to the
fried shrimp at McDonald’s in Russia. They can travel to Japan and get the Ebi Filet
O’Shrimp. Ebi is the Japanese word for shrimp, but this sandwich’s name has a double meaning:
a Japanese model called Yuri Ebihara helped to advertise the shrimp burger when it was
launched. The burger features a shrimp patty crusted in delicious Panko breading. The patty’s
flavor is accented with a sauce with shrimp tempura flavoring. The burger also includes
lettuce and mustard. Americans who love Japanese flavors may wish that they could Uber Eats
these burgers to their homes right now, or enjoy them in USA McDonald’s restaurants. Stick around and tap that screen to check
out one of our other great videos. And if you’re here for the first time, we’d love
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