One dead in the running of the bulls in Pamplona

A runner died in today’s running of the bulls in the northern spanish city of Pamplona, the bull running held during the famous San Fermin festivities. The man died after being gored in the neck and lung by a bull of the Jandilla ranch, named “Capuchino”.

The runner, Daniel Jimeno Romero from Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) was at the end of the street run, in the part known as tramo de Telefónica. He was one of more than a dozen people rushed to hospital after a very dangerous run. Nobody had died during the annual nine-day festival since 1995.

The victim was taken straight into the operating theatre but doctors were unable to save his life. Three other people who were gored are not believed to be in danger.

In today’s running of the bulls one of the bulls became separated from the rest of the pack and began attacking runners. It turned around several times and began running back into the crowd of runners.

The runner who died after the running today has suffered a gunshot wound at supraclavicular left till “with” a downward path that most affected left lung and aorta cava ”

The rider died this morning in the fourth running of the Sanfermines is a couple of Alcala de Henares, sources have informed the Government of Navarre. This is Daniel Jimeno Romero, 27 years.

The bulls of the herd Jandilla protests today over the running of the sad and dangerous Sanfemines. One of the four boys wounded by a bull horn in various sections of the trail has finally died after a long stay in critical condition. Six other youths were wounded by several injuries.

A red bull, ‘Cappuccino’, started very strong in the race and the hill of Santo Domingo is ahead of the rest of his brothers and roll with their antlers at least two young people in this section. Moreover, in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento embistió three riders in the valley, and after he was entertained with them in advance by the herd.

From this point, ‘Cappuccino’ held in solitary confinement throughout. It cost a total of 4 minutes and 30 seconds to reach chiqueros of the square, a waiter in embistió Mercaderes and the descent to the alley, turned round several times before entering the square, and forced the pastoralists to strive their best to drive up the chiqueros.

The race started on time, at eight o’clock all day. Unlike the three previous sit-ins, where bullfights halter led virtually to the square, the Jandilla soon began to take the lead. A red and black bull wearing a very fast pace and began to position itself ahead of the pack.

Without doubt, the most emphasized was’ Cappuccino ‘, which is already in place Consistorial embistió to the first three runners. The other brothers continued their journey to the square and its beautiful career path led to the waiters in the Estafeta street, go to the opening holes along the street.

For its part, the colored bull resumed the march down the street Mercaderes, where presumably empitonó to another boy. He continued his journey until he reached the slope of the alley, where he was arrested and led the moments of greatest danger to the youngsters. In fact, he went to a broker who was on the fence, what embistió and took him to the center of the street, where bait with him until he could be distracted by other runners.

However, the bull was still going into the square and again rammed the fence, especially the left. The pastors were working to bring the bulls, but this is not attending to their calls and continued to continually pace and turning.

Finally, the bull followed the young men who guided him into the square and in the arena cost the usual bending over to guide the animal to the chiquieros, which finally entered the 4 minutes and 30 seconds after initiating the race.

The bull running attracts thousands of people people every morning. Many of them are young foreigners, drawn to an event made famous by Ernest Hemingway in his book The Sun Also Rises.

Fifteen people, including an American student, have died in the running of the bulls over the past century.

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